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Our Apprenticeships

Fujitsu apprenticeship scheme

Our Higher Apprenticeship opportunities were recognised by AllAboutSchoolLeavers where we received Best Job Satisfaction for Higher Apprenticeships or above; Best Higher Apprenticeship and Top Employer for School and College Leavers for Higher Apprenticeship or above. In addition Fujitsu are a top 30 employer on Rate My Apprenticeship and were voted in the top 50 for The UK’s 100 Most Popular Employers for School Leavers by TargetJobs


Jigsaw of apprentice levelsIntermediate level
Our Intermediate Level Apprenticeships are targeted at those of school leaving age with 5 GCSE’s grade A-C (or equivalent).
Advanced Level
Our Advanced Level Apprenticeships are targeted at college leavers who decided not to go to University or those that have not completed their first year of university, who have 3 A levels at C grade and above (or equivalent).
Higher Level
Our Higher Level Apprenticeships are targeted at those apprentices who have excelled in their previous apprenticeship and are part of our Fujitsu talent pool.
Degree Level
Our Degree Level Apprenticeships are aimed at college leavers who have obtained 3 A levels at grade A-C or equivalent. This is a 4 year apprenticeship, at the end of which the apprentice will have gained a degree.

Skills and qualifications

All our apprenticeships are based on the framework below:

  • Diploma/Certificate – develops your practical skills in the workplace.
  • Technical Certificate – provides you with knowledge you need for your specific job role.
  • Functional Skills – develops your skills in English, Maths and ICT.
  • Employee Rights & Responsibilities – covers your rights and responsibilities within the workplace including health and safety.
  • Personal Learning & Thinking Skills – develops skills to help you succeed and develop in the work place such as team working.

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