BS2000 Conversion Program (Peripheral Converter)

Current version: V2.9

PERCON (PERipheral CONverter) is a program for the transfer of data between volumes (or peripheral devices) of identical or differing types. The input data is read from tape (or magnetic tape cartridge), disk or floppy disk (or the SYSDTA system file) and, depending on the user's specifications, transferred to a file on tape, disk or floppy disk and/or output on the printer or display terminal (SYSOUT system file).

PERCON is suitable for the following applications, among others:

  • Organization and reorganization of data
  • Data exchange
  • Editing for printer output (generation of listings) .
  • Duplication/checking of tape contents
  • Conversion of tapes which do not conform to the system.

PERCON offers the following two groups of functions:

  • File-oriented functions
    The file-oriented functions relate to the processing of data which has been collected and combined to form files.
  • Volume-oriented functions
    The volume-oriented functions relate to the processing of data stored without consideration for the particular data unit to which it logically belongs, i.e. without regard to file boundaries.

PERCON can also be called as a subprogram.