Print Management (BS2000)

Realize a platform independent print concept.

The Print management provides all the services required to establish an enterprise-wide print strategy. They incorporate not only the comprehensive functionality of the classic mainframe spool facility, but also all compatible print extensions for cross-platform printing in networks. In this context, attention is focused on printing in networks (e.g. host-to-LAN printing) and the implementation of a central print server (including LAN-to-host printing).

The local SPOOL (Simultaneous Peripheral Operation On-Line) is a BS2000 subsystem. It controls asynchronous output to printers and magnetic tapes. SPOOL is the fundamental component for the other products described below, which cannot run without it. The Spool BS2000 does not directly control the AFP printers; it transfers the corresponding print jobs to a PRISMAproductionTM server that can be described as an output management system that processes multiple-input PDLs in a very high volume environment and provides maximum production security for single or multiple printing devices operating at the highest speeds. The component that covers this function is the Router (Océ Printing Systems). The Router validates the PRINT-DOC orders given by BS2000 users, checks the availability of resources and transfers all necessary data to for printing. The print server combines the data streams with the resources, generates the IPDS data stream (Intelligent Printer Data Stream) and sends the result to the printer. For more information, see:


Dprint (BS2000/OSD)
Print and administration functions for network composed of BS2000/OSD, UNIX, Linux and Windows based systems
RSO (BS2000/OSD)
Add-on product for the central BS2000 spool system to print on network printers