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Better visibility opens the door to process optimization and business transformation.

The Internet of Things (IoT) opens the door to complete visibility about what is really happening across your operations and entire organization. Collection of data from billions of connected devices creates clarity about how to optimize processes, services, and products, leading to transformational improvements in operational efficiency, workforce productivity, and customer satisfaction.

IoT technology is ready for prime time. According to research firm Gartner, “…as IoT continues to mature, IoT adopters are getting better at extracting value”, with 80% of organizations that have adopted IoT reporting they are already achieving better-than-expected results. *

Sensor-Based Technology - From Manufacturing To Construction

Fujitsu GlobeRanger IoT solutions for manufacturing

Fujitsu’s GlobeRanger IoT platform is already well-established in manufacturing, where it joins together previously isolated sensors, machines, factories and even entire supply chains into new, hyper-connected networks. Benefits range from better visibility of assets to the ability to predict and avoid manufacturing stoppages and bottlenecks. Disruptive new market opportunities are also becoming apparent as a result of connecting manufacturers directly to consumers

Fujitsu GlobeRanger IoT solutions for construction

IoT technologies pioneered by manufacturers are now also being adopted by progressive organizations in the construction industry to address deep-seated challenges. For construction companies, GlobeRanger accelerates project completion by raising workforce efficiency and eliminating materials bottlenecks. It does this while reducing wastage and improving transparency of entire projects. For example, IoT is helping to reduce the 20% of building materials that are currently regularly either over-ordered or wasted due to poor onsite logistics management. It also aims to reduce the 10% of a builder’s time lost currently spent waiting for materials.

Thanks to GlobeRanger it is possible to introduce digitalization throughout the construction lifecycle. On and off-site construction transparency streamlines the management of off-site pre-fabrication, supply chain logistics and on-site logistics, all the way through to post-construction facilities management. It is also bridging the gap between BIM-modeling and the physical world.

In addition, today 95% of the data generated in the construction industry is not being used or even collected – we will change this.

Realizing The Benefits From GlobeRanger IoT Technology

GlobeRanger IoT solutions are scalable and flexible, and Fujitsu’s end-to-end implementation service means you can start small and provide demonstrable value at the early stage of implementation. Hardware independence means matching your requirements for best of breed sensors and tags.

GlobeRanger solutions deliver rapid time-to-value, with a typical ROI target of just 12 weeks. Additional added value comes from the immediate traceability of inventory across operations and the wider supply chain. This in turn enables in-depth analysis and insight into how an organization is really performing.

The Fujitsu IoT advantage

Fujitsu is a world-leader in IoT technology. We defined Edge Computing and have deep experience in IoT dating back to early radio-frequency identification (RFID) and machine-to-machine systems. We draw on long-established expertise in applications, networking, embedded technologies, and sensors to provide advice, insight and practical implementation resources for organizations wanting to extract value from the technology.

We continue to invest in IoT knowledge and skills, as demonstrated by our Industry 4.0 Competency Center, focusing on Industrial IoT and located in Munich, Germany. This has an ambitious but simple vision; enabling personalized production down to individual units, at costs similar to mass production. At the center, Fujitsu IoT experts focus on enabling customers to undertake their own digital transformation, through co-creating solutions for smart factories and production lines, leveraging unique manufacturing expertise in combination with an extensive portfolio of IoT, security and analytics solutions.

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GlobeRanger: Transferring knowledge from Manufacturing to Construction

Fujitsu GlobeRanger is a leading IoT solution, that helps organisations, including manufacturers, overcome challenges and create opportunities

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