BS2000 Application Platform Services

Consulting, design and build services for the initial start-up and further development of application environments in BS2000 infrastructures.

BS2000 Application Platform Services cover everything related to your data, application, technology and security architectures. After careful evaluation of customer requirements, we offer individual consulting before modeling solutions and then reliably implementing the appropriate technologies.

BS2000 Business and Application Services

Database Services
We have a complete portfolio of database services ranging from product-related service to consulting and engineering.

ORACLE Services
When it comes to designing customized data and information streams, plus the technical realization of such solutions, we have all of the expertise needed to help you get the most out of your database systems and boost your business processes.

openSEAS Services
Our consulting and support for the openSEAS Suite (openFT, openUTM, WebTA, BeanConnect) paves the way for application innovation in your environment.

Tool-based Services
We also offer you extensive support when linking your BS2000 applications to the Internet – for example, we can help you transform COBOL data to XML, and XML data to COBOL.

Storage-related Services
Support services are available for designing and implementing your storage solution in BS2000: Fujitsu offers a secure and automated storage cluster option based on ETERNUS DX and ETERNUS AF storage systems. We will assist you in developing a detailed concept, and support is available when setting up a storage cluster for use with BS2000.

BS2000 Security Consulting

BS2000 Security Concept Services
When integrating BS2000 in your security concept, we provide complete consulting support and collaborate with you in developing individual solutions that address your specific requirements.

BS2000 Technical Support Services

Engineering Services
High-availability, optimized network connectivity or optimized security:
Whatever your goals may be, we make sure that your plans for the further development of your BS2000 infrastructure are fully realized.

Optimization Services
Fujitsu will share its expertise with you to ensure that your BS2000 systems are professionally optimized to the highest levels possible.
Our performance experts analyze test data and make performance recommendations based on your current hardware and software configuration, or they can map out the resources that will be needed if a new target system is under consideration.

Deployment Services
Deployment Services for BS2000 products, such as the openFT enterprise file transfer solution and BS2IDE, the integrated development environment for BS2000 based on Eclipse™, make sure that you achieve increased productivity as originally planned.

Migration Services
Our reliable migration of BS2000 servers and BS2000 software is of great value if you want to migrate from the SQ series to the SE infrastructure, or if you are considering migration from Oracle to Linux.

Disaster Recovery Services
Our disaster recovery services include the creation of emergency manuals, plans for disaster prevention, local and mobile disaster recovery solutions, and much more.

SEHA Monitoring Services
The BS2000 SE/HA Solution is a customer-specific implementation of a monitoring and managed automation system for the BS2000 SE Infrastructure. The service consists of the two components SEHABASIS and SEHAMONITOR, which will be integrated in the Management Unit. The solution supports individual monitoring of selected hardware components, virtual machines and applications within the BS2000 target system.

SNMP Integration Service
For the integration of SNMP in BS2000 into common monitoring systems, we offer you our support and develop individual solutions together with you.