RSO (BS2000)

Current version: V3.6

Remote Spool Output is an optional add-on product supplementary to the central BS2000 spool system. It enables printouts to be produced on network printers ("Host-to-LAN printing"). RSO supports a great many printer configurations with a variety of connection types.

Interoperability with Berkeley-compatible spool systems, made possible by the support for the BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) / LPD (Line Printer Daemon) protocol (RFC 1179), means that other printers can also be addressed. The additional support of the HTTP based IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) protocol allows the RSO user to access IPP printers (either printer or server) through the Internet/Intranet. Thanks to the generic symbolic printer types for the de facto standards PCL, PostScript, IBM Proprinter and EPSON FX/LQ/SQ, practically all printers available on the market are covered.

The universal use of RSO as the central remote spool system in BS2000/OSD is rounded off by the availability of an transaction interface, which also enables RSO to be used as the BS2000 spool system for openUTM. By integrating the functions and user interfaces in the central spool system, uniform, simple, yet functionally powerful administration/operation of the printers is assured.