MT9750 Terminal emulation

Terminal emulation software for connecting PCs to BS2000 systems.

Current version: V9.0

MT9750 is a 32-bit MS Windows® application that can emulate the display terminals of the 9750 family (up to the 9763 terminal) on a PC. Apart from a few exceptions due to system dependencies, all of the features of the terminals can be emulated on the PC. In addition, functionalities are made available which go beyond pure terminal functions, for example FTP based visual file transfer window. MT9750 is installable on Windows workstations as well as on terminal-servers from Citrix or Microsoft. MT9750 contains the Unicode-Support for European-characters. With this feature it is possible that symbols from various character-sets can be displayed in one form. MT9750 supports the Kerberos authentication protocol, enabling a Single Sign On (SSO) to the TIAM application $DIALOG


  • Executable on Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Up to 16 windows (16 logical terminals on one screen) can be displayed simultaneously
  • Simultaneous connections can be set up to several BS2000 systems
  • Easy switching between the sessions windows using a key combination
  • The emulation can be operated in 7-bit mode, in 8-bit mode and Unicode mode; these can be selected from the menu
  • Support of changing to all 9763 screen-formats (80 x 24, 80 x 32, 80 x 43 and 132 x 27) under control of host application
  • Full screen mode can also be enabled, if required, where the Windows scrollbars are hidden and the view for the user is very similar to the original terminal
  • Support of the Euro currency symbol
  • Support of the Unicode character set for European signs
  • Support of IPv6 networks
  • Secure/encrypted connections to the BS2000 host by using SSL/TLS in connection with the stunnel porting in BS2000