Printers for BS2000

The cost-effective approach to large print volumes

BS2000 supports a vast range of printing systems as standard, from desktop and departmental printing solutions to high-performance printing systems for production printing. These systems can be connected to BS2000 servers in a variety of ways thanks to the flexibility afforded by different interfaces and emulations.
BS2000 Print & Output Management is open to all printing technologies and provides optimum connectivity and scalability.
Printers are connected to BS2000 mainly via one of the channel interfaces (channel-attached) or as network printers (LAN-attached). The printers are supported by the central SPOOL system or via the remote spool solution RSO.
Following are some representatives from the broad array of LAN and directly supported printers that are fully supported via the RSO (Remote Spool Output) system preferably via the PCL5e, ECMA or ANSI emulations or as a generic type.

  • Dot matrix printers:
    ideally suited to printing lists, barcodes, labels and forms.
    Printers compatible with the 9014, 9016 and 9017 types can be purchased from PSi.
  • Line matrix printers:
    the ideal choice for very high printing performance in terms of speed and volumes.
    The printers of the Printronix P7000 series can be configured as printer type 9045-ANSI
  • Inkjet printers:
    excellent for high-resolution print jobs in color.
    Can be used in ECMA mode, 4812 (PCL3), 4821 (PCL5e) or as generic printers of the IBM Proprinter, PostScript, HP PCL5e or Epson FX/LQ/SQ type.
  • Page printers:
    the cost-effective solution for medium-sized printing volumes.
    Particularly worthy of mention here are the PCL5e-compatible printers from Kyocera and Hewlett Packard. The 4850 printer type is available from PSi Laser as the PSi 4050 printer.