Next generation ERP
with Fujitsu & SAP

“Resiliency” is the key demand to the next
generation ERP systems...


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Fujitsu's thoughts on manufacturing solutions


“Resiliency” is the key demand to the next generation ERP systems, which can flexibly respond to changes in the economic environment, market demands and expansion of the businesses.
Another key is the “High User Experiences”. Increase of functionalities tends to increase the complexity of operations but we are aiming to provide the high usability ERP systems.

For providing next generation ERP systems, essential key is our knowledge as a manufacturer.
With our DNA as a manufacturer, we are utilizing the experiences and with a long history of providing implementation for ERP systems we have 3 key visions.

1 “Use and prove ourselves”
We build and use the systems in our own facilities to prove the values and continuously improving the functionalities to maximize the user experiences.

2 “Be the innovators”
We challenge ourselves to research and embed the emerging technology and solutions in our offerings, faster than any other company. This vision enables to provide competitive solutions in low cost to the customers.

3 “Methodology for improving the ERP”
We provide our best practices by utilizing the Core Clean, minimum customization approach and UX design approach which leaded by our knowledge of Manufacturer.

With these visions we promise to make sure our customers continually gain benefits from the ERP systems in long term.
Fujitsu will drive our customers Digital Transformation Journey with the experiences and knowledges as a manufacturer company who has been transforming the businesses.

Fujitsu's manufacturing transformation:
- Original IP: FUJITSU Application-ETO on SAP Cloud Platform, Streamline Engineering-to-Order Process
- SAP PEO: High traceability & streamlined change mgt + work efficiency enhancement for A&D
- SAP ME/MII: Digitalization of Execution process + Asset monitoring, OEE template, pre-config KPI dashboards
- SAP DMC: Real-time visibility to production efficiency & deviations as production plans/shift schedules change on cloud

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