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At Fujitsu, we shape next generation solutions that support today's businesses and have a positive impact on society. We believe that technology should influence the way the world travels, the way the world is powered and the way we can enhance learning. If you want to work with a business who believes that doing the right thing is part of everything, come and be inspired at Fujitsu.

People join Fujitsu because they share our passion about Human Centric Innovation and Digital Co-creation. In order to thrive in a new digital society, it is crucial to co-create and innovate with our customers and partners across industries. At Fujitsu, we want to harness the talent of all our employees to be able to make a difference and create an exciting future for all.

Responsible Business

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The Global Delivery Responsible Business Program is known as GRiP

Our overarching aim is to:

  • Recruit & retain talented employees
  • We collaborate & co-create with customers on responsible business initiatives
  • We reduce costs through innovative environmental / facilities projects
  • Be globally recognized as an ethical & responsible business

We use the 5-Pillar model of Responsible Business (same approach as EMEIA, North America, and Oceania):

Community - we aim to tackle the issues that impact society and contribute positively to local communities

Our projects and events:

  • Educational events for children
  • Cooperation with Universities
  • Help for animal shelters and stray animals
  • Help with homework for children
  • Charity events
  • Goods collections that support people in need
  • International Day of Education

Environment - we are fully committed to reducing our environmental impact across the scope of our operation and through services we deliver to customers

Our projects and events:

  • Plastic caps collections
  • Zero waste workshops
  • Eco Efficiency at Households Program
  • Monitoring waste
  • Monitoring water/energy/paper consumption
  • Earth Day
  • World Clean Up Day

Diversity and Inclusion - we are committed to developing a diverse and enabled workforce from the widest talent pools and promote equal opportunities for all

Our projects and events:

  • Human Rights Day
  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • International Women's Day
  • International Men's Day
  • Pride Month
  • Workshops on various cultures
  • Webinars related to Japanese culture, language, cuisine etc.
  • Understanding unconscious bias trainings
  • Human Library
  • Diversity management workshops
  • Gender Empowerment Network
  • Ability Matters – An Employee Network for Disability and Accessibility
  • Supporting diversity hiring
  • Diversity & Inclusion Declaration

Operating Practices - we conduct our business in an open, honest and ethical manner and actively strive to implement anti-corruption practices and socially responsible supply chains.

Our projects and events:

  • Emergency drills support
  • Blood donations
  • First aid trainings
  • First aid for animals
  • World Standards Day

Wellbeing - we value the importance of our people and strive to promote a positive health culture, to enable individuals to feel more resilient and cope successfully with both their personal and work life

Our projects and events:

  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Mental health webinars
  • Relaxation classes - Yoga class, Mindfulness techniques and brain exercises
  • Psychological consultations for employees
  • Board Games
  • Wellbeing applications
  • Mental Health Awareness Week
  • Sport teams
  • Sport tournaments and challenges

Corporate Social Responsible Initiatives in FY20

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Best of Responsible Business initiatives

Wabi-Sabi Program

Our developers worked with University students to create mobile applications that would have a long-term positive impact on society or the environment.

Human Library

The Human Library is a worldwide movement aimed at inclusion and deepening the understanding of diversity. Real people can be “borrowed” to tell their story.

Diversity Workshops

Fujitsu Poland held a series of workshops for employees focused on creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

The key focus was inclusive language: language that is free of assumptions and stereotypes and does not express or imply bias or prejudice.

GRIP pillars

CSR Initiatives FY20

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Wabi-Sabi_GRiP_case study_final

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