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Welcome to the Global Delivery Responsible Business Program, or GRiP. Our motto is, "Get A GRiP" because we encourage all GDC employees to take action to make our GDCs and our communities happier and healthier places to work and live.

The key element of it is to demonstrate value, support our people, support society and environment. To cut the long story short the main goal is to change the place where you work and live better, and to show the world how to change to the best.

Working together, we can solve the most difficult challenges. We use the UN SDGs as our framework to accomplish positive change. We work with NGOs, our partners, & our customers to achieve these common goals.

Global Responsible Business


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Human Rights

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Human Rights

Based on the Fujitsu Way Corporate Philosophy, the Fujitsu Group will ensure that the spirit of "Respect for human rights" becomes an integral part of all our corporate and individual activities, and we will strive to have 130,000 Group employees around the world accept diverse human resources and embrace individuality without bias toward nationality, gender, age differences, or disabilities.




The Fujitsu Group aims to enrich and continuously improve our positive health culture where our employees can work to their full potential, both in mind and body. We value the importance of our people and will strive to enable them to succeed in their own personal development and growth.




The "FUJITSU Climate and Energy Vision” is, a Medium- to Long-Term Environmental Vision for 2050 which clarifies the role we will play in tackling global climate change as well as the future outcomes we hope to realize. Fujitsu will work to achieve zero carbon emissions from its own operations by 2050, and contribute to climate change adaptation as well as a de-carbonized society through technologies supporting digital transformation.




The Fujitsu Group recognizes the operation and maintenance of internal control systems, including compliance, is one of the most important management issues from the perspective of maintaining and improving corporate value. Therefore, we will ensure to keep all organizations in the group informed about the Code of Conduct guidelines in the Fujitsu Way.
Furthermore, in all our business activities, we shall be aware of and act with integrity at a high level of corporate ethics that respect international and local standards.


Supply Chain

Supply Chain

The Fujitsu Group specifies Co-existence with Suppliers; Fair and Proper Evaluation and Selection of Suppliers; and Promotion of CSR-Conscious Procurement Activities as the procurement guidelines for its global procurement activities, and aims to achieve CSR risk-free procurement to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.




The Fujitsu Group will build collaborative partnerships to engage and empower communities. We will contribute to the prosperity of the communities in which we work globally through collaboration with our business activities, and encourage our employees to develop their skills, have confidence, and be proud to work for Fujitsu through giving back to society.


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