Fujitsu’s response to COVID-19

Covid 19

Fujitsu’s response to COVID-19

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, Fujitsu has been pursuing efforts to stop the spread of infection and ensure business continuity, while ensuring the safety of its customers, its partners, its employees, and their families.

We will continue to provide services and products to our customers responding to the challenges, proactively utilizing our strengths in technologies such as Cloud, security, IoT and AI to address the variety of societal problems arising from the spread of infection.

How we can help you

Businesses and public sector organizations everywhere are suddenly faced with a challenge of unprecedented scale and pace. We are working hard to help our customers to adapt to their current challenges.

Enabling remote working

Fujitsu is experienced in working with customers in crisis and with a wide range of advanced skills, we can complement your teams to help you rollout solutions faster. Whether you are utilizing our solution experts or field force for rapid deployment we can quickly step up and help you deliver.

Adapt and scale fast with Multi-Cloud

From fast advice and guidance to effective Platforms and Solutions, Multi-Cloud and Application Services have always been key for our customers in scaling operations, enabling the workforce and laying foundations for growth.

Keeping your business secure

With a sudden increase in cyber attacks since the start of the pandemic, businesses need to be more vigilant than ever. Discover how Fujitsu's security services ensure business continuity 24/7, while mitigating threats using the latest cyber intelligence.

Security insights for uncertain times




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