Digital Annealer

Solving combinatorial optimization problems at high speed

In the real world, there are still many problems that cannot be solved by current computing power. We are also rapidly approaching the limit of what conventional technology can achieve, despite improvements in computing performance. While we advance towards the practical application of "quantum computing", there are still many technical challenges to be overcome before it is a practical proposition, including the severe limitations of both hardware and software.

As a direct response to this challenge, Fujitsu has developed the "Digital Annealer", a new architecture that specializes in one key area that traditional computers cannot solve - namely "combinatorial optimization problems". Digital Annealer is a digital circuit inspired by quantum behavior. Its operation is based on full bit coupling, enabling it to solve complex problems instantly. Digital Annealer can solve a typical combinatorial optimization problem - "the traveling salesman problem" within 1 second, even if the number of cities visited increases to 30.

  • Solving the previously unsolvable with patternization

    The next step in demonstrating Digital Annealer’s overwhelming technological power involves patternizing the methods used to solve each application field, including Logistics Materials/Drug Discovery and Finance. This will allow customers to solve problems that have never been solved before, due to the sheer amount of time and computational costs involved. For example, in the field of logistics, optimizing truck delivery schedules can reduce costs and address labor shortages. In the field of drug discovery, it will be possible to reduce the time needed to develop new drugs by rapidly narrowing down the middle molecule drug candidates. In the financial sector, we will create an optimal portfolio of 500 stocks to enable risk-resistant diversification.

  • Expanding ecosystems through collaboration

    Fujitsu Laboratories is accelerating research and development through open innovation in order to solve social issues with Digital Annealer. In September 2018, Fujitsu Laboratories and Waseda University concluded an agreement on comprehensive collaborative activities on Digital Annealer, and are conducting joint research in areas such as finance, digital marketing, and logistics. In 2017, we formed a partnership with the University of Toronto (Canada), one of the top universities in the world in quantum computing and AI research. Together, we are conducting R&D in the fields of transportation, networks, finance, and medicine.

    Digital Annealer is currently the only computer that can solve combinatorial optimization problems at a practical level. It is just the start; we are working to expand the range and scope of candidate application fields. We plan to achieve this by utilizing the advanced technologies accumulated in supercomputer development and our extensive system integration experience, combined with Fujitsu’s specialized knowledge and expertise in each field. We will also promote the research and development of technologies that can address large-scale problems, fundamentally contributing to our customers’ Digital Transformation activities, the creation of new businesses, and the resolution of important social issues.

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