Fujitsu Small Research Lab

Fujitsu researchers are stationed or stay for long periods of time at universities in Japan and overseas to conduct industry-academia collaborations with professors and students in various fields.


About Fujitsu Small Research Lab

Develop future technologies more with universities

Fujitsu is promoting the project "Fujitsu Small Research Lab" that Fujitsu establishes research labs at universities in Japan and overseas and Fujitsu researchers are stationed or stay for a long period of time there to conduct industry-academia collaborations.

The Fujitsu's conventional industry-academia collaborations has been usually collaborations between individual researchers based on a common technological theme (as connecting Dots). However, as social issues have become increasingly complex in recent years, it is important to select research themes from a higher perspective and to conduct research activities that merge the humanities and the sciences. For this reason, we will use the Fujitsu Small Research Lab as a base to strengthen organizational and medium- to long-term collaboration with professors and students in a wide range of fields (as connecting Surfaces) to solve social issues through the fusion of different fields. We will also contribute to the efficiency of research and development, discovery of new research themes and development of human resources including students.

Expanding to universities in Japan and overseas

Fujitsu currently has 13 labs in Japan and 4 labs overseas. We will continue to establish new Fujitsu Small Research Lab at universities in Japan and overseas to further expand our industry-academia collaborations.

"Fujitsu Small Research Lab" locations

Features and Objectives of Fujitsu Small Research Lab

"Fujitsu Small Research Lab" locations

Hokkaido UniversityFujitsu Hokudai Research Laboratory OrganizationStudy on habituation by converging IT and cognitive science, psychology such as cognitive feelingTohoku UniversityFujitsu x Tohoku University Discovery Intelligence LaboratoryR&D that contributes to the solution of societal issues through causal discovery and mathematic technologyUniversity of TsukubaFujitsu Data Computing Platform Joint Research CenterSpecial Joint Research Projects on Scalable Data Store and High-performance Data ProcessingTokyo Institute of TechnologyFujitsu Next-Generation Computing Infrastructure Collaborative Research ClusterResearch on next-generation computing infrastructure to accelerate AI and HPC applicationsOchanomizu UniversityFujitsu-Ochanomizu University Social Collaboration Program for AI EthicsPioneering R&D in AI solutions that enable quantitative and objective gender equality measuresKeio UniversityTrusted Internet Architecture LaboratoryConstruction of a new Internet architecture that realizes a safe and secure digital society through trust-based data exchangeYokohama National UniversityFujitsu - Yokohama National University Typhoon Science and Technology Research Center Collaborative Research LaboratoryMeteorological studies about typhoons using AI and HPC technologiesNagoya UniversityFujitsu - Nagoya University Social Digital Twin Research DivisionStudies about high precision ‘digital rehearsal’ technology for measures to solve social issuesKyoto UniversityLarge Scale Medical AI (Fujitsu research lab.)Research on AI technologies for prediction and discovery by analyzing large-scale medical dataOsaka UniversityFujitsu Quantum Computing Joint Research DivisionR&D to realize of fault-tolerant quantum computersKobe UniversityFujitsu & Kobe University Joint Laboratory for Advanced Computing and Social ImplementationResearch and development of advanced computing technologies aimed at implementing a fast computational execution infrastructure in the field of computer-aided engineering and materials informaticsHiroshima UniversityFujitsu Next Generation Computing Collaborative Research LaboratoryResearch on next-generation computing technologiesKyushu UniversityDivision of Fujitsu Mathematical Modeling for Decision MakingResearch on social modeling and analysis for decision makingUniversity of TorontoFujitsu Co-Creation Research Laboratory at the University of TorontoR&D of innovative computing architecture and its applicationsBen-Gurion University of the NegevFujitsu Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in IsraelR&D of security technologies for AI systems/software and networksMacquarie UniversityFujitsu Macquarie AI Research LabResearch and development of personalized digital coaching technology using human sensing and generative AI technologiesDelft University of TechnologyFujitsu Advanced Computing Lab DelftR&D of scalable modular quantum computers using diamond-based spin qubits and algorithm development for practical quantum applications

Comments from Vivek Mahajan, SEVP CTO

Based on Fujitsu Small Research Labs which Fujitsu has established in collaboration with universities in Japan and overseas, we will enhance collaborations with each university. We also aim to create groundbreaking research results that will lead to solutions to social issues and develop innovation and high-level human resources. We hope you will look forward to the breakthroughs that Fujitsu Small Research Lab will produce.
If you have any questions about Fujitsu Small Research Lab, please contact us.

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