Efforts to Utilize Intellectual Property for Co-creation

Open Innovation

To achieve a sustainable world through innovation, Fujitsu is promoting the "FUJITSU Technology Licensing Program™ for the SDGs" initiative, which encourages companies and academic institutions to utilize IP such as patents and know-how that contribute to achieving the SDGs.
Fujitsu is committed to making our technologies widely available in society and to contributing to environmental conservation, people's well-being, and economic growth through IP matching activities among national and local governments, financial institutions, and universities; collaboration through the WIPO GREEN framework for the transfer of technologies related to the environment; utilization of brand and design for an inclusive society; and education on IP creation in collaboration with educational institutions.

Introductory video:Licensable Patent To Solve Social Issues Through Co-Creation


With the aim of achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), we are promoting co-creation with global companies. Since September 2017, we have participated in "WIPO GREEN," a framework operated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to support the transfer of technologies related to the environment.
As one of the initial core members (12 companies and organizations worldwide), we have made strategic recommendations on WIPO GREEN's action policies and have registered a number of technologies in the WIPO GREEN database.

In addition, as efforts by our company to achieve the SDGs, based on our WIPO GREEN activities and WIPO GREEN's needs, we hold company-wide e-learning sessions and in-house workshops on the SDGs.

Utilizing IP for Regional Revitalization

Some patents held by the Fujitsu Group are no longer used by Fujitsu itself due to changes in our business strategies, and even some patents that we continue to use could be used by other companies to create higher value.
In addition to such patents, we also actively license our know-how as technology seeds to make the results of our research and development widely available to society.
Fujitsu is collaborating in intellectual property matching activities with national and local governments, financial institutions, and universities in order to create numerous new businesses through collaborative creation activities, which also contribute to regional revitalization.

Activities to develop Future Innovators

In recent years, idea contests for students to come up with product ideas that utilize corporate intellectual property have been held in various regions. Fujitsu supports initiatives to develop future innovators and proactively provides intellectual property, thereby generating examples of ideas that lead to commercialization. We also actively engage in intellectual property education for students in elementary and junior high schools in cooperation with educational institutions.

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