Fujitsu's Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Strategy to Support Fujitsu's Purpose

The Fujitsu Group's purpose is "to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation." The Intellectual Property Division is pivotal to the achievement of Fujitsu's purpose, and we have formulated and are promoting our intellectual property strategy to contribute to value creation through innovation.

In recent years, the role of intellectual property management in business administration has been changing significantly. Management is expected to create value from the perspective of reinforcing and utilizing the Group's wide-ranging intellectual capital, going beyond the traditional framework of protecting value, in the form of acquisition and management of rights for technology and brands.

The Fujitsu Group aims to create and grow value through services that utilize digital technology as a management strategy. Under this strategy, we are also promoting our technology strategy that aggregates management resources in our five Key Technologies (Computing, Network, AI, Data & Security, and Converging Technologies) essential to digital services and to our business portfolio strategy of engagement in value co-creation with customers through sustainability transformation. The Intellectual Property Division collaborates with management, the Technology Division, and the Business Division to focus on creating and enhancing our intellectual property portfolio, which supports the development of these strategies.

Furthermore, the Intellectual Property Division is expected to take on the role of contributing to the creation of a structure to convert Fujitsu's intellectual capital into value by considering the transformation of our business portfolio and the renewal of our business model, inputting knowledge gained from analyzing information about intellectual property and market trends into strategic discussions.

How can intellectual property management best support open innovation in tandem with public institutions, such as other companies, universities, research institutions, and central and local governments? How can we best utilize the Fujitsu Group's intellectual property portfolio in value co-creation through the creation of ecosystems that go beyond industries? How can we best communicate to our stakeholders the contribution and changing role of intellectual property management, which cannot simply be measured by the number of patents? We are determined to consider and pursue our vision for intellectual property management going forward.

I hope this website will provide an opportunity for discussion with our stakeholders about the limitless potential of intellectual property management in the Fujitsu Group's value creation.

Head of Intellectual Property Global Head Office and Intellectual Property Front Service Division
Legal and Intellectual Property Unit

Kyoko Izumi

Fujitsu's Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Strategy to Support Fujitsu's Purpose

As part of our IP strategy, we carry out IP activities from three perspectives: an "Intellectual Property Strategy to Support the Key Focus Areas," an "Intellectual Property Strategy Worthy of Society's Trust," and an "Intellectual Property Strategy for a Sustainable World."​

Intellectual Property Portfolio

This article introduces the establishment and utilization of the Five Key Technologies intellectual property portfolio, which is essential for digital services and is a priority for the Fujitsu Group's intellectual property management.​

Brands & Trademarks / Design & Design Rights

In this section, we introduce Fujitsu's thoughts and activities to protect the rights of our brand and designs as well as examples of our activities under the Intellectual Property Mix Strategy.

Intellectual Property Management and Risk Compliance

The Fujitsu Group actively promotes the use of open source software (OSS).
By promoting Fujitsu Group's OSS compliance, we respect OSS developers and OSS communities and promote our customers' safe use of OSS.
Regarding OSS compliance, we have established internal regulations to ensure proper OSS use, and we manage how OSS is used by our organization. In addition, we actively promote OSS community participation and open-sourcing of our technology, thereby contributing to Open Source Software development.

International Standardization and Rulemaking

In the section on International Standardization and Rulemaking, we introduce how we are utilizing the Fujitsu Group's standardization efforts in our business activities, our rulemaking activities to enable society to use emerging technologies with trust and peace of mind, and awards we have won recently.

Efforts to Utilize Intellectual Property for Co-creation

As part of our efforts to utilize IP for co-creation, here we introduce some examples of collaboration through the FUJITSU Technology Licensing Program™ for SDGs.

Evaluations from Third Parties

Outside parties have highly evaluated Fujitsu's intellectual property and related activities. This section introduces some examples.

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