Evaluations from Third Parties

Awarded the "Clarivate Top 100 Global Innovators™" for 11 consecutive years

Fujitsu was selected as one of the "Clarivate Top 100 Global Innovators™ 2022" by Clarivate™Open a new window for the 11th consecutive year.

Since 2012, the Clarivate Top 100 Global Innovators have selected 100 companies and institutions annually that are contributing new ideas and creating economic value.
This award uses Clarivate's analytics platform to recognize the world's most innovative companies and organizations. Candidates are analyzed along four evaluation axes: "number of patents," "success rate" (patent registration rate), "globality," and "patent influence" (frequency of patent citations in other inventions). In particular, Fujitsu is highly regarded for "patent influence", which is in recognition of the impact of our broad innovation on R&D at other companies based on the number of citations of Fujitsu patents filed by other companies.

National Commendation for Invention

Fujitsu has won many awards at the National Commendation(*1) for Invention sponsored by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation. In particular, Fujitsu was awarded the "Imperial Invention Prize" for our supercomputer related technology (high-dimensional connection technology) and high electron mobility transistor (HEMT). This is an example of a high evaluation of our inventions and creations from a third party.

  • (*1)
    The award honoring those who have completed outstanding inventions rich in originality and those who have contributed to the implementation of inventions, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of science and technology and the development of industry.

Imperial Invention Prize

Design of a body-worn device that senses sound by vibration and light in FY 2022 (Design Patent No. 1640713)
Fujitsu received the "Imperial Invention Prize" for its design of a body-worn device that senses sound by vibration and light. At the same time, we received the Invention Achievement Award, which is given to representatives of the companies and organizations to which the inventors belong, as a contribution to the completion of the invention.
Ontenna, a device that uses this design to let the body feel the characteristics of sound through light and vibration, was commercialized in 2019 and has been introduced in more than 80% of schools for the Deaf nationwide.

Invention of high-dimensional connection technology for a processor for massively parallel computers in FY 2014 (Patent No. 5212469)
The award was given for our inventions related to high-dimensional connection technology used in the K computer and Fugaku supercomputer we jointly developed with RIKEN. We also received the Medal with Purple Ribbon in 2020 for our contribution to the development of science and technology in Japan.

Invention of heat-stable magnetic recording media by magnetic exchange coupling in FY 2007 (Patent No. 3421632)
Our invention of magnetic recording media for hard disk drives was recognized as the best invention.

Invention of a high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) in 1992 (Patent No. 1409643)
This invention greatly contributed to the development of ICT as well as the progress of research on the physical properties of electrons in ultrathin conductive layers. The inventor, Dr. Mimura Takashi, won the Kyoto Prize in 2017.

Interrupt method by interrupt counter in 1970 (Patent No. 518202)
It was invented by Toshio Ikeda, who was featured on "The Man Who Beat the United States-A Life of Turbulence-" (broadcast by TV Asahi in 1995) and "Project X Challengers"(broadcast by NHK in 2002).

Prime Minister's Award for Invention

Invention of Television Image Display Method of Plasma Display Panel in FY 2002 (Patent No. 2720943)
A full-color plasma television image display method was evaluated. The story of this development was introduced on the NHK program "Project X: Challengers."

National Commendation for Invention List

Fiscal yearAward NamePatent and design numberTitle of invention or creation
FY2022Imperial Invention PrizeNo.1640713Design of a body-worn device that senses sound by vibration and light
FY2020JPO Commissioner's AwardNo.5444877Invention of a digital coherent reception system for large-capacity optical communication
FY2017Invention AwardNo.4771804Invention of a layout analysis method
FY2015Invention AwardNo.4912036Invention of a directional sound receiving system
FY2014Imperial Invention PrizeNo.5212469Invention of high-dimensional connection technology for a processor for massively parallel computers
FY2011Invention AwardNo.3479935Invention of a base station switching method for CDMA mobile communication
FY2010METI Minister's Invention AwardNo.3297272Invention of a material for chemically amplified photoresist
FY2007Imperial Invention PrizeNo.3421632Invention of a thermally stable magnetic recording medium by magnetic exchange coupling
FY2005Japan Patent Attorneys Association Chairman's AwardNo.3551418Invention of an optical transmission apparatus for collectively amplifying WDM light over a wide band
FY2002Prime Minister Invention AwardNo.2720943Method for displaying television images on plasma display panels
FY2001Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Invention AwardNo.2800905Invention of ladder SAW filters
Invention AwardNo.2642499Invention of a control method of an optical modulator for large-capacity ultra-high-speed communication
FY1994Invention AwardNo.1414801Invention of DRAM read operation stabilization
FY1992Imperial Invention PrizeNo.1409643Invention of a high electron mobility transistor (HEMT)
FY1990Invention AwardNo.1441829Invention of a keyboard for Japanese language input
FY1988Japan Federation of Economic Organizations Chairman's Invention AwardNo.1098071Manufacturing method for a field effect semiconductor device
FY1986Invention AwardNo.1062288Invention of a channel interrupt control system
FY1985Invention AwardNo.1093189Invention of *** machines
FY1984Invention AwardNo.927298Invention of cylindrical magnetic domain storage
FY1983Invention AwardNo.1044570Invention of a method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
FY1978Invention AwardNo.797544Invention of an advance control system
FY1977Invention AwardNo.758212Invention of a computer
FY1976Japan Federation of Economic Organizations Chairman's Invention AwardNo.724947Invention of a variable equalizer
FY1975Invention AwardNo.694335Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
FY1973JPO Commissioner's AwardNo.603326Method for testing semiconductor devices
Invention AwardNo.514226Sampling system by comparison in time division telegraph exchange
FY1970Imperial Invention PrizeNo.518202Interrupt method by interrupt counter
Invention AwardNo.526288Storage device
Invention AwardNo.466316Manufacturing method for glass-enclosed semiconductor devices
FY1969Japan Federation of Economic Organizations Chairman's Invention AwardNo.472008Doppler velocimeter
Invention AwardNo.500186Type wheel feature
Invention AwardNo.435579Magnetic recording and reading methods
Invention AwardNo.501494Radiation telemeter
FY1968Minister of International Trade and Industry's Invention AwardNo.591017Electric-Hydraulic pulp motor
FY1967Invention AwardNo.274485Connection system for switching station lines at night in private automatic telephone exchange facilities
FY1966Invention AwardNo.263612Address changing method for electronic computers
FY1965Science and Technology Agency Director General's AwardNo.309662Pulse distribution system and others
Invention AwardNo.314654Cold cathode display discharge tube for small amounts of input
Invention AwardNo.249498Two-wire selector restoration system for automatic telephone switching equipment
Invention AwardNo.313173Connection system to connectors for automatic exchange facilities
FY1963Invention AwardNo.287933Parametron signal selection circuit and others
Invention AwardNo.294566Counting control system and others
FY1959Invention AwardNo.241193Relay

Industrial Standardization Business Awards

Fujitsu Group has long received the Prime Minister's Award and the METI Minister's Awards at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Industrial Standardization Business Awards(*2) for highly acclaimed for its standardization activities.

  • (*2)
    The Industrial Standardization Business Award recognizes individuals and organizations that have made outstanding achievements in standardization activities, such as the development of international standards by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the development of domestic standards (JIS), conformity assessment activities, and so forth.
    The Prime Minister's Award, the METI Minister's Award, and the Director-General of Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau's Award are given based on achievements.

On October 21, 2022, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) announced the winners of the Industrial Standardization Business Award, and Shin Eguchi (Senior Standard Expert, Intellectual Property Strategy Office, Fujitsu Limited) received the Industrial Standardization Business Award (METI Minister's Award).

As TA Chair within IEC/TC 100 (Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment), Eguchi led the publication and acceleration of USB standards. The publication of the USB Type-C standard greatly influenced the spread of USB Type-C, which is used to charge wearable devices and to exchange information. The use of a common charging interface has made it possible to reduce the number of discarded adapters, and the market is expanding, particularly in Europe. In the standardization of wireless power supply to mobile devices, Eguchi participated as an expert and led in making immature proposals from foreign countries less influential. In Japan, he has served as chair of the committees of the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) and the IEC Activities Promotion Committee of Japan (IEC-APC), and he has made significant contributions to human resource development by utilizing his wide-ranging personal connections and knowledge acquired in Japan and abroad.

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