Intellectual Property Strategy to Support Fujitsu's Purpose

Fujitsu Way and Intellectual Property

The Rules for Handling Intellectual Property Rights give concrete shape to the Fujitsu Way Code of Conduct.

The Fujitsu Way consists of three parts: "Our Purpose," "Our Values," and the "Code of Conduct." The Code of Conduct governs intellectual property. Fujitsu has also established the "Rules for Handling Intellectual Property Rights," which embody these principles, and applies them to Fujitsu and domestic Group companies engaged in intellectual property activities.
Fujitsu aims to ensure appropriate handling of intellectual property rights within the Fujitsu Group by providing specific guidelines for Group employees to observe in order to accumulate and utilize Fujitsu's intellectual property rights as well as to respect others' intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property Strategy to Support Fujitsu's Purpose

In accordance with Fujitsu's purpose, we engage in intellectual property activities from the following three perspectives.

  1. Implementation of an IP strategy based on the Key Focus Areas from an innovation perspective
    We are building up our IP portfolio by focusing on the Key Focus Areas. In addition, We support the Key Focus Areas by supporting IP activities such as IP information analysis, support for the creation of products and services, IP education, IP contracts, and OSS activities.
  2. Perspective of an IP strategy worthy of society's trust
    We work to strengthen the formulation of rules through our activities to protect trademarks and other aspects of brands, as well as through our Standard Activities, such as ensuring that society adopts our technologies with confidence.
  3. Intellectual property strategy for a sustainable world (FUJITSU Technology Licensing Program™ for the SDGs)
    We utilize IP to achieve the SDGs, such as WIPO GREEN activities, utilization of brand and design for an inclusive society, education on IP creation for future innovators, and IP utilization for regional revitalization.

Structure of the Intellectual Property Division / Group and Global Collaboration

Structure of the Intellectual Property Division

The Intellectual Property Division comprises the Intellectual Property Front Service Division, which is responsible for the IP support functions of the technology and business frontline, and the Intellectual Property Global Head Office, which is responsible for IP strategy and the portfolio-building function of the Fujitsu Group.

Fujitsu's IP strategy is driven by collaboration among the Intellectual Property Innovation Center (which implements IP activities geared toward business producers and systems engineers), the IP Intelligence Service Office (which supports research institutes conducting IP research, analysis, and R&D for the business divisions), the Intellectual Property Center (which is tasked with building the IP portfolio), the Intellectual Property Strategy Office (which formulates and promotes the Group-wide IP strategy based on communication with management), and Fujitsu Techno Research Limited (which provides IP-related services).

Group and Global Collaboration

We have developed an IP governance framework to harness the IP capabilities of the entire Fujitsu Group.

In Japan, activities of the Intellectual Property Division are carried out together with those Group companies engaged in IP activities. There are some exceptions, in which the Intellectual Property Division establishes reporting lines to, and implements closely coordinated activities with, certain companies that conduct IP activities independently.

The Division has also established global reporting lines with regional intellectual property managers(IP CoE) in Europe, China, Australia and the United States, and holds regular meetings to ensure that all IP activities conform to the realities of global business.

Intellectual Property Portfolio

Fujitsu Uvance

Fujitsu has created a new business brand, Fujitsu Uvance, which has the purpose of "earning the trust of society by realizing innovation and making the world more sustainable."
Fujitsu Uvance embodies our company's determination: "by connecting diverse values with trust and providing flexibility to adapt to changes, we will create a sustainable world in which everyone can advance toward their dreams."
To help Fujitsu achieve its purpose, Fujitsu Uvance will focus on seven Key Focus Areas.
Fujitsu's intellectual property portfolio construction activities also support the realization of the Key Focus Areas.
Specifically, we have globally filed trademarks for "Fujitsu Uvance" and established a system to monitor for illegal use in over 190 countries and regions. Moreover, we will build and strengthen our IP portfolio by emphasizing Key Technologies (Computing, Network, AI, Data & Security, and Converging Technologies) that support the Key Focus Areas.

Fujitsu Uvance

Key Technologies

  • Computing

    Super Computer

  • Network

    Cloud Native Network
    Photoelectric conversion

  • AI

    Explainable AI
    Trusted AI
    Human Sensing

  • Data & Security

    Data Trust
    Digital Identity

  • Converging

    Leading-edge Digital Technology
    Humanities and Social Sciences

Intellectual Property Portfolio

The Intellectual Property Division will build and strengthen the company's intellectual property portfolio by focusing on Key Technologies, which support the Key Focus Areas, and will further strengthen intellectual property activities for analyzing intellectual property information that contributes to management decisions and solving social issues, with a view to realizing Fujitsu's purpose, namely to earn the trust of society by realizing innovation and making the world more sustainable.
As a partner in "WIPO GREEN," a framework for environmental technology transfer and matching operated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), we have registered more than 500 patents (we are ranked first in the world as of August 2022) related to environmental technology in its database. Thus far, we have licensed 46 patents, thus contributing to the dissemination of environmental technology throughout society.

The pie chart shows the technical composition of our company's domestic and overseas patent holdings as of the end of March 2022.
Fujitsu has been developing computing and networking technologies since the company's founding. As a result, we have many patent assets related to computing and networking technologies. Based on our technological capabilities backed by our accumulated patent assets, we are developing Key Technologies that support the Key Focus Areas, and we are constructing and strengthening our patent portfolio related to these technologies.
We also apply for patents related to services and solutions for various types of businesses.

The text in parentheses indicates the IPC classification.
IPC: International Patent Classification. provides for a hierarchical system of language independent symbols for the classification of patents and utility models according to the different areas of technology to which they pertain.

2021 domestic and overseas patent holdings

2021 Japan Patent Registration Ranking

WIPO GREEN DB Top 10 technology registration status

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