International Standardization and Rulemaking

Social Rulemaking Activities

The way of utilizing standardization in business activities in the ICT field is changing. To date, the Fujitsu Group has utilized standardization in its business activities by making the most of the fact that a large market was formed because diverse companies used standardized technologies and various products and services were provided while maintaining interoperability and compatibility.

Though the use of such standardization in business activities continues today, a new approach to standardization from a different perspective is now drawing attention.

This new approach applies to social rulemaking in cooperation with each of the relevant stakeholders in society. For example, there are concerns about the use of AI technology, which may interfere with human well-being. In response to these concerns, international standardization organizations and forums are discussing the appropriate uses of AI technology from an ethical point of view, and they are making efforts such as publishing white papers. The Fujitsu Group is also participating in such consensus-based initiatives through the standardization approach, and we will continue our social rulemaking activities that enable society to use emerging technologies for the benefit of people and the wider world with trust and peace of mind.

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