Utic Co., Ltd.

Development of "BUG GUARD," an insect repellent that does not need to be sprayed on the body, using fragrance emission technology
[Representative patent: Patent No. 5595698]

Utic Co., Ltd. engages in dyeing and processing of various industrial materials in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture. In 2021, the company commercialized BUG GUARD, an insect repellent band that employs Fujitsu's "fragrance emission technology." After completing the prototype, Utic Co. successfully raised funds through crowdfunding, thereby quickly commercializing the product.

We asked Mr. Toshinori Tanaka, Representative Director, about BUG GUARD.

What made you decide to make use of intellectual property in your business?

In 2020, I learned about Fujitsu's "fragrance emission technology" at an IP matching meeting organized by the Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry. As an opportunity to start a new business, we devised an insect repellent product targeted at people who enjoy camping and outdoor activities, for which we decided to use the fragrance emission technology. We developed a prototype and improved it based on a sample of a ceramic chip that transfuses insect repellents, and we ultimately succeeded in raising about five times the target amount through crowdfunding. To market BUG GUARD, we also make use of the FUJITSU Technology Licensing Program™ for the SDGs brand.

What kind of product is the developed BUG GUARD?

This is a stylish insect repellent band that repels insects while ensuring user comfort. The user needs only to spray insect repellent spray with one's favorite aroma or fragrance for a second. The product can be easily carried everywhere, and it does not spray insect repellent directly onto the skin, achieving a desirable gentleness for those who have sensitive skin and children. In addition, the insect repellent will not stain one's favorite clothes. The ceramic chips that utilize fragrance emission technology can be washed and reused many times, which makes them environmentally friendly products.

The developed insect repellent band BUG GUARD

What is the future of this development?

We conduct public relations activities using social media and other means, and the product is also sold on EC sites. As for crowdfunding, we successfully raised five times the target amount, and we found some needs, so we want to put more effort into expanding sales.

[Posted on September 15,2022]

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