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Retail Business Analytics

  • Retail Business Analytics (RBA) is a convenient, flexible and modular solution and consists of two modules: "Loss Prevention" to reduce stock losses and "Sales & Marketing" for the analysis of corporate data. The Fujitsu ETL engine is the powerful basis for both modules. Both can be installed and activated independently. Each module is supplied with an extensive set of evaluations. 
  • RBA is accessible via a web interface, so users always have access to reports and analyzes, or can create new reports or dashboards. The solution can automatically send documents and reports by e-mail. 
  • The user interface is convenient, powerful and easy to use. Technical knowledge or programming skills are not required for the use of Fujitsu's retail business analytics.
  • Knowledge in the development of Business Intelligence or Data Modeling is not needed: users can select with the “Drag and Drop functions” analysis objects to extend the results to your requirements. 
  • For mobile users, the documents of the Loss Prevention module are fully accessible via apps for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and soon Android.

Loss Prevention

Improve your competitive position 

In times of increasing competition, operating profitability is one of the crucial factors for any commercial enterprise. 

Business Intelligence helps many retailers to improve their offerings, strengthen customer loyalty, reduce the rise of operational cost and optimize business processes. 

Continuous measures to increase the effectiveness in supply chain and operational processes to protect revenues and strengthen your competitive position. Analysis tools provide you insights and key indicators so you can monitor your business processes in an efficient way. 

The module Loss Prevention of the Retail Business Analytics (RBA) solution from Fujitsu is an effective tool with which sources can be identified for losses. 

RBA Loss Prevention is able to identify the causes of losses in your business, for example: malpractice of customers, employees or suppliers, next to this RBA is able to and to address the losses specifically. 

Benefit directly from the best practices that Fujitsu has developed in close cooperation with leading retailers in over ten years of successful Loss Prevention project work. 

Control of business processes 

Apart from the analysis of Point of Sale transactions and processes, RBA Loss Prevention can reveal the losses incurred in connection with new technologies at PoS workstations, such as self-scanning and self-checkout. When your analysis requirements grow, RBA Loss Prevention could be expanded at any time. 

Operational insights 

Apart from the analysis to reduce losses, you will obtain a broad overview of key performance indicators (KPI) and other data to evaluate operational processes. In only one analysis system you will keep transparency with regard to all your supply chain processes and can quickly and effectively improve quality and reduce potential losses. 

Turnkey and easy to deploy 

With over 40 pre-installed KPIs, analytics and ready to use dashboards, corporate audit can independently perform analyzes within a few weeks to increase earnings and uncover losses in the checkout area. 

Your data, for example Cash transactions are processed with the parameterizable ETL engine (Extract-Transform-Load). To convert the data into meaningful analysis and understandable reports, the same semantic layer will be integrated during the implementation. This increases the acceptance of the users who work with reports and reduces implementation efforts in your organization. Fujitsu provides lasting relevance and covers newly recognized manipulation methods and additional reports at regular releases. 

Increased productivity 

Often, much time is spent on investigating separate occurrences. By setting finely adjustable alarm- and push notifications, the audit works in the future with a reasonable amount of data for selected events of relevance and is alerted by the system when a KPI threshold is met or exceeded. 

Tailored extension of the analyzes 

You can always add new areas of analysis. Here, the existing database will be used to create new reports or new Dashboards 

Easy access to your data from any location 

You have many ways to access your data and applications: 
  • On all major web browsers 
  • Through equipped push e-mails 
  • Mobile, with your smartphone or tablet computer (Internet or apps)