Interstage XWand Toolkit Evaluation Copy Download

Thank you for your interest in evaluating Interstage XWand.

Interstage XWand automates the creation, conversion, validation and mapping of XBRL instances and taxonomies. Interstage XWand fully supports the XBRL standards - 2.0 and 2.1.

The Interstage XWand Toolkit Evaluation copy includes the following:

  • Taxonomy Editor - Creating, extending and validating XBRL taxonomies
  • Instance Creator - Creating and validating XBRL instances
  • Taxonomy Diff - Comparing XBRL taxonomies
  • Formula Editor / Data Mapping Tool - Editor for Formula 1.0 documents and data conversion capabilities
  • Sheet Instance Creator – Create XBRL instances from Excel spreadsheet
  • XWand Viewer - Showing XBRL document information in a comprehensive manner
  • Instance Dashboard - Showing multiple instances side-by-side
  • Word Tagger - Enabling you to generate instance documents using Microsoft® Word

Interstage XWand Developer (APIs) evaluation is also available.

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