Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer

Isao Nakae


My purpose

  • With the TOC-CCPM as the engine, the project management of WA as a whole is optimal, and people involved in the project are happy.

My specialty area

  • Mainly SAP ERP Implementation Project Program/Project Management


  • TOC Symposium 2021 lecture in November 2021 (joint lecture with customers)
  • December 2020 JSUG (SAP Users Association) West Japan Forum lecture
  • July 2019 SCSK Association & MBA Association Dream for the Future II Lecture
  • March 2019 Opening Keynote Speech at the PM Society Spring Research Presentation Meeting
  • September 2014 ProMAC (Kuala Lumpur) Keynote Speech with our client
  • Many other lectures and lecturers at Agile Japan, PMAJ, and universities

Value Creation

  • Utilizing the overall optimum WA project management, the waste that can be avoided in a large-scale ERP implementation project is eliminated, and the period is shortened (25 ~ 27%) to secure the sufficient period for customer operation retention. This will provide stable operation with more leeway and realize win-win for both companies by concluding a contingent fee contract.
  • Achieve a project environment in which members are not under excessive pressure by helping each other through management