Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer

Francois Moore


Hello. My name is Francois Moore, and I have more than 30 years of experience in optical technology. As an expert in my field, I collaborate with our customers, partners, and Fujitsu's incredible engineering talent to help improve optical networks and prepare them to meet future challenges and demands. My goal is to help Fujitsu be more than just an equipment supplier. I aim to help our company become our customers' trusted advisor while making the world more sustainable by building trust in society through our innovation.


  • Regular panelist on Optical Industry panels sponsored by organizations such as LightReading, LightWave Magazine, and Optica / OSA
  • Conference presenter at global conferences such as OFC, Fyuz / TIP Summit, OECC, and IEEE ICC 2023
  • Regular contributor to Fujitsu's Corporate Blog “Next Generation ROADM” Blog Series, which is currently the most viewed on this site
  • Fujitsu representative for the Transport Infra Program for optical equipment initiatives
  • Part-time PhD student at the University of Texas in Dallas

Value Creation

  • Held successive positions as a Director of Product Management, growing revenue for FLASHWAVE 4500, 7500, 9500, and 1FINITY
  • Architect for Fujitsu's Open Optical Strategy for the photonic layer
  • Cumulatively contributes over 100 hours of webinar training to FNC personnel in Product Management, Sales, and Engineering
  • Continuously assist FNC's sales team in presenting the value of 1FINITY to customers to help gain opportunities and grow revenue
  • Acts as a Corporate Representative in patent infringement cases against Fujitsu and Fujitsu's customers by helping the legal team define our technical defense and acting as a witness in depositions