Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer

Albert Mercadal Playa


As global Head of Data Intelligence in Fujitsu and leader of a group of really talented professionals, I have been helping our customers in making the best use of its data in order to create value as well as aligning our value proposition with our mission in relevant areas like healthcare, public services trust and sustainability.


Value Creation

  • Improve the mobility in public transport in Madrid thanks to the design and implementation of different AI use cases in the public cloud
  • Improve the monitoring of drugs side effects in Spain, as well as of the Covid-19 vaccine, thanks to the use of the public cloud and a NLP techniques.
  • Dramatically reducing the costs of analysing legal documentation by using AI and NLP for document analysis automation.
    • Achieving a sustained revenue growth for the company in advanced analytics and data projects of more than 100% YoY in the last 2 years.
    • Define and verticalize the Data Intelligence CoE portfolio thanks to the verticalization of our Advanced Analytics industrialisation framework (Sholark) in 2 industries: risks and fraud, and Legal & Compliance
    • Create a consolidated team of 50 people with the necessary skills to build end-to-end solutions around data (data engineering, MLOps, data science, Big a data, public cloud, application development, etc.)
  • Create a solid partner ecosystem with which we build solid data solution for our customers.