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Unified Block and File Data Access - ETERNUS DX S4/S3

ETERNUS DX S4/S3 Hyper Storage Systems can be used with a NAS connection in a Unified environment.
In a NAS environment, data is accessed with files by using the NFS protocol or the CIFS protocol via Ethernet.
ETERNUS DX can be used as file servers because files can be shared between client PCs that have different OSs.
SAN/NAS connection diagrams in a Unified environment are shown below.


  • Less operational and training expenditure
  • Efficient operation management
  • Simple installation with no NAS gateway

Product requirement

Supported Storages
ETERNUS DX100 S4/S3, DX200 S4/S3
ETERNUS DX500 S4/S3, DX600 S4/S3
Management Software ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser

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