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Fujitsu M10 Roadmap

SPARC Server: Fujitsu M10 Roadmap

August 7, 2013

Fujitsu's expertise for UNIX servers is the core competency to keep its position for top five server vendors worldwide.

Fujitsu's history of UNIX started with mainframe in 1985 – the UNIX OS called UTS/M ran on Fujitsu mainframe. Six years later, it launched its first UNIX server called DS/90 7000. Since that time Fujitsu has been creating innovative technologies for UNIX servers.

Future of Improved and Competitive Performance

Future of Improved and Competitive Performance

Standing on a more than 20-year partnership, Fujitsu and Oracle will continue to provide the best platform for mission critical businesses including Fujitsu M10 – both companies announced the worldwide availability of this product this year. Fujitsu M10 servers combined with Oracle database can deliver high performance and mission-critical RAS for enterprise-class workloads with high level of flexibility and scalability.
Now more than ever, Fujitsu continue to work hand-in-hand with Oracle focusing on the future of SPARC technology.

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