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Linux on Mission Critical IA Server PRIMEQUEST

Operating Systems: [ Linux | Windows ]

Linux's advantages in cost/performance on PRIMEQUEST

Advantages of 64-bit Linux

Linux's advantages in cost/performance, transparency and compatibility with popular open sourced software has already seen it penetrate the markets for Web and application infrastructure. However, its use in mission-critical environments has been limited due to concerns of performance, scalability and support. Now, the combination of PRIMEQUEST and the 64-bit Linux Kernel 2.6 have comprehensively solved these issues, making Linux solution's suitable for adoption as mission critical systems.

Supported Linux distribution

PRIMEQUEST fully supports 64-bit Linux operating systems (OS). PRIMEQUEST, with the Enterprise versions of the OS supports server platforms in mission critical areas, where high-reliability technology, stability, robustness, scalability, and long-term support, are all required.

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 5(for Intel Itanium)
Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® AS (v.4 for Itanium)

No. 1 world share, Global standard OS, supported by major ISV's world-wide and authorized by most server vendors. Its powerful support through the Red Hat Network and an abundance of documentation saves administration costs and time.

SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 10 for Itanium Processor Family
SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 9 for Itanium Processor Family

An enterprise OS most popular in Europe, it introduced kernel 2.6 as the first mission-critical product to the market. Supports a range of processor platforms including Itanium®. The high quality integrated management tool "YaST" has a high reputation with Linux engineers.

Global Alliance

Fujitsu and Red Hat have signed a Global Partnership agreement to offer mission critical Linux solutions commencing in Japan, and jointly opened "The Joint Development Organization" in Red Hat US. This means the infrastructure to provide to customers with reliable Linux systems on PRIMEQUEST has already been established.