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Luxembourg Ministerial Department of Sports

Computerised appointments and effective data management

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Medical-Sports Department
With more than 119,000 people licensed to play sport and 10,000 medical examinations per year, Luxembourg is alive and well in the sporting department! Due to new regulation, a large number of sportsmen and sportswomen, who belong to a federation or club, are required to undergo an annual medical examination in an official centre. Luxembourg has approximately fifty doctors who specialise in sports medicine.

By computerising the appointments, the Medical-Sports Department aims to simplify the way appointments are made, as well as lighten the burden of administrators. Finally, it intends to facilitate access to information for medical staff, who are now able to use a secure collaborative portal to access a wide-range database. The project is part of the Luxembourg government initiat ive, putting into effect the Europe action plan approved at the Feira European Council meeting by the Heads of State and Government in June 2000.