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Build your business on a solid foundation

At Fujitsu we help SMBs manage their daily business by removing complexity and offering affordable, easy-to-use solutions combined with the right service. This enables them to invest in additional business applications and prepare for future trends that can help them to compete even better.  

For example, the cloudOpen a new window, mobility and the emerging Internet of Things have created an unprecedented explosion of Big Data and digital informationOpen a new window which have become essential for growing businesses. This vital information includes emails, supply chain data, search engine enquiries, social media posts, and data, transported through global networks...

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  • Munich, July 25, 2016
    Fujitsu Boosts Performance of PRIMEFLEX vShape with PRIMERGY M2 Servers
    Fujitsu today unveils the latest version of its PRIMEFLEX vShape integrated system which now benefits from 20 percent increased performance compared to its previous generation with the incorporation of Fujitsu’s latest powerful PRIMERGY M2 servers.
  • Munich, July 14, 2016
    Fujitsu Launches Backup Solution for Hyperconverged Infrastructures
    Fujitsu today introduces a fresh approach to data protection in virtualized data centers with the ETERNUS CS200c S3, a backup solution ideally suited for hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI). This new integrated backup appliance offers a simplified, cost-efficient approach to the headache of protecting data across complex physical and virtual IT environments. It joins Fujitu’s range of ready-to-use ETERNUS CS appliancesOpen a new window, which are designed to minimize business risk from missed backups, post-disaster recovery failures and the corruption of sensitive data.
  • Munich, June 27, 2016
    Fujitsu Opens Entries to Global SELECT Innovation Awards for Channel Partners
    Fujitsu invites entries for its Global SELECT Innovation AwardsOpen a new window for the second consecutive year, acknowledging the value of its channel partners. The company’s more than 16,000 SELECT PartnersOpen a new window worldwide are eligible to enter, with a bounty of USD 10,000 in joint marketing and sales development programs and a trip to Fujitsu Forum TokyoOpen a new window in 2017 up for grabs by the overall winner.
  • Munich, June 15, 2016
    Fujitsu Enables Digital Transformation for SMEs with PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box
    With its updated PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box solution, Fujitsu opens the door to digital transformation for small to midsize firms, and large enterprises operating remote branch offices, by providing faster and more cost-effective ready-to-run IT systems.
  • Munich, June 14, 2016
    Fujitsu Introduces Next Generation Flagship PRIMERGY Server for Business-Critical Computing
    Fujitsu’s next generation flagship PRIMERGY rack-optimized server is an enabler for digital transformation, providing superior performance and reliability for business-critical backend data center services. The third-generation PRIMERGY RX4770 M31, a four-socket x86 server, delivers an impressive performance boost thanks to the inclusion of the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v4 product family and super-fast memory.

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Do Backup Appliances Apply to You?

Backup Storage is a bit like the life vest under your seat on a plane: not something you like to think about, not something you deal with very often, but extremely important when you do need it, and nothing that can be fixed quickly in an emergency. Now look at your own backup storage. Chances are, you have slow-but-reliable tape drives, but never enough bandwidth to go with them, meaning that backups take too long, so infrastructure (and staff) sits idle while the system trundles. You have considered replacing that tape arrangement, but a drive-based solution seemed too expensive and too difficult to implement. Plus, you don’t have the bandwidth, anyway, right?

Well, maybe. Then again, do you really know what exactly you are backing up? A lot of times, it could be the same file over and over, meaning you are not just wasting storage space, but also bandwidth. What would help you is a solution that includes a process called deduplication, where a piece of software examines the data about to be backed up and recognizes when one file appears more than once.

The savings can be enormous: studies show that deduplication can liberate up to 95 percent of space and bandwidth. 95 percent! But wait, there’s more: modern systems not only make better use of resources, they also shorten the backup process. This is because they eschew tapes in favor of magnetic disks, and these spinning disks have much shorter access times than tape. Also, if you do need to restore data, that saving applies in the other direction, too. In other words, disks will provide a benefit both coming and going.

Of course, migrating to a new solution will involve some expense and some manpower, and you may decide you are not quite ready for that. As a preliminary step, how about just adding one appliance, one that will cooperate with your existing hard- and software and save you time and bandwidth? Fujitsu’s ETERNUS CS800Open a new window comes as just one box, ready to run. Once it’s set up, it will deduplicate your files when you back up. It will work with all popular backup suites and does not require routine hands-on intervention. No need either for any new backup licenses, and no need to align components with each other.

If you prefer a simple all-in-one box with pre-loaded backup software, the ETERNUS CS200cOpen a new window supports Windows and Linux applications and mission-critical systems like SAP. Add to this snapshots, snapshot replication, Cloud connectivity or tape management, and you have the perfect solution for SMBs. And it will simply grow along with your business as it starts with a data volume of 1 TB and will scale up to 36 TB – and this is just talking about the entry-level model! ETRNUS CS backup appliances integrate standardized elements, thus saving you surprises.

This is to say a centralized backup and archiving solution can be implemented piece by piece using a tiered approach, eventually creating a single unified backup and archive platform providing users with access to services and a choice of service levels and allowing the selection of the backup service level that suits the user’s data or workload. In other words, that life vest will be under your seat and ready to work, and that, in the future, will be all you need to remember, because the system will take care of everything else.

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  • Munich, February 2016
    Storage and Backup: a Central Issue
    Let’s talk about backup. Wait, don’t run away! All right, I know it’s a sticky subject, but ignoring is not going to make anything better. Why is it that people don’t like backup? Because it’s such a pain. And why is it such a pain? Well? Because your storage is a mess. Good, now we’re getting somewhere, but you will need to suffer just a little bit more. But I promise you’ll feel better, real soon!
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    Integrated systems are growing in popularity amongst businesses, providing them with server, storage, network and software elements that are integrated, pretested and optimized.

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