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The power to adapt instantly

A virtual infrastructure reduces IT costs by improving efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness. It allows resources to be quickly allocated to changing business requirements, also making it possible to introduce new services, carry out hardware maintenance without interrupting operation and boost the capacity utilization of servers enormously. Some interesting features from the world of BS2000 are listed below.
  • Practically all operational settings, components or entire hardware & software configurations can be altered or extended during live operation.
  • Capacity on Demand (CoD) enables flexible and affordable resource utilization options.
  • Virtual systems (VM2000) allow the CPU power and main memory of one physical server to be distributed across up to 15 virtual servers. The distribution and allocation of peripheral devices can be modified online, and the peripheral configurations, including their connections (channels) and devices can be altered or extended during live operation.
  • BS2000 is broken down into modular subsystems, making it possible to exchange numerous subsystems during live operation and run different versions of a subsystem simultaneously in the same system (coexistence).
  • New databases can be hooked up and existing ones detached online.