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Business Continuity

The consistent Fujitsu SE infrastructure concept ensures the best business continuity possible by completely avoiding planned downtime, while also minimizing the occurrence of unplanned outages. It’s easy, efficient and reliable.

„Always-On“ availability of mainframe applications thanks to LiveMigration (LM)

FUJITSU Server BS2000 SE Series systems are the first and currently only mainframes worldwide that support the migration of operating systems and applications during running operations, without downtime or outages, thus delivering constant service availability. These systems make planned outages a thing of the past.


”Best-in-class“ business continuity through HighAvailability (HA)

Preventive steps need to be taken in order to cushion the effects of unplanned outages, even if they rarely occur. These measures include redundant configurations, redundant data storage, defined procedures for restart and recovery, an emergency manual, training for system operators, outage tests at regular intervals, etc. All processes should be automated to the highest degree possible because speed is essential in critical situations. The degree of automation depends on specific customer requirements, as well as the hardware and software deployed. Fujitsu supports its customers in setting up the best response to outage scenarios with its customized service offering.

Avoid planned IT interruptions

  • Unmatched availability thanks to the extreme stability of the hardware and software
  • Maintenance measures, software updates or hardware upgrades can largely - and with innovative functions such as LiveMigration even completely - be carried out during operation
  • Prevent resource bottlenecks through workload management via LiveMigration

Prevent potential outages

  • SE infrastructures prevent outages that could be caused by human error or workload problems at various levels.
  • Simplified system management reduces the risks of human error
  • high level of automation: a large number of rule-based tasks are carried out by the system itself, along with continuous system status and evaluation reporting

Minimize the impact of unplanned outages

  • Highest availability of SE infrastructures through the intelligent clustering of several servers to deliver optimized operability, capacity utilization and availability
  • Reduction of potential outages to a minimum thanks to proven and automated outage response concepts