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FUJITSU IoT Solution INTELLIEDGE™ G700 Gateway

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Industrial-grade Edge Computing hardware for unlocking greater value from your operations data.

The FUJITSU IoT Solution INTELLIEDGE™ G700 Gateway enables organizations to harness the data that gets generated at the edge of their enterprise. The Gateway device has best-in-class industrial-grade hardware designed to operate in challenging environments to acquire, analyze and process data for better and deeper insights into the enterprise. It is a ready-to-run solution for organizations that want to deploy quickly without delay and start their Industry 4.0 journey. The INTELLIEDGE G700 Gateway is a future-ready and easily customizable edge computing device that can be expanded and configured to match and scale to every requirement in an industrial IoT (IIoT) context.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Latest Generation Intel Processor
  • Choose from the latest 6th/7th generation Intel Core i Processor series that provide superior performance and next generation I/O technologies
High performance hardware
  • Helps meet intensive processing demands and crunch massive data that gets generated at the edge with ease using high performance hardware.
Robust Design
  • Fanless design, solid state drive (SSD) options and an industrial housing that can handle extreme conditions in an industrial setting
High Reliability
  • Less moving parts make them less susceptible to early failures.
Waterproof, shock proof, dust proof
  • Certified with IP50 rating and is tested for a variety of conditions that involve shock and vibration scenarios.
Ruggedized IoT Gateway device
  • Designed to operate in a variety of tough and demanding environments.

Technical details

Product INTELLIEDGE G700 Appliance
Operating System Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB
Memory 8 GB DDR4, 2,400 MHz, SO DIMM
16 GB DDR4, 2,400 MHz, SO DIMM
Hard disk drives
SSD SATA III, 240 GB High Endurance, 2.5-inch
SSD SATA III, 512 GB, 2.5-inch
SSD SATA III, 256 GB, 2.5-inch
SSD SATA III, 128 GB, 2.5-inch
SSD SATA, 64 GB, M.2 module w/ MLC technology
SSD SATA, 32 GB, M.2 module w/ MLC technology
SSD SATA, 16 GB, M.2 module w/ MLC technology
Mainboard D3433-S2
Processor type Intel® Core™ i7
Intel® Core™ i5
Intel® Core™ i3
Intel® Pentium® Processor
Interfaces 4 x USB 2.0
4 x USB 3.0
1 x DVI-D
2 x Display Port v1.2
1 x Ethernet (RJ-45)
5 x Serial
1 x Mouse / Keyboard (PS/2)
Weight 5.45 kg
12.00 lbs
Power supply Integrated, AC Input 100 – 240V
Dimensions (W x D x H) 299 x 244 x 93 mm
11.77 x 9.61 x 3.66 inch
Physical security Kensington Lock support
Intrusion switch (optional)
System and BIOS security Embedded security (TPM 2.0)
Boot sector virus protection
Write protect option for the Flash EPROM