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  3. Расскажите нам о своем опыте работы со ScanSnap!

Расскажите нам о своем опыте работы со ScanSnap!

Расскажите нам о своем опыте работы со ScanSnap!

Расскажите нам о своем опыте работы со ScanSnap! Выиграйте 100 €

Мы хотим, чтобы Вы рассказали нам о своем опыте работы со ScanSnap. Мы с удовольствием выслушаем своих заказчиков о том, как они используют нашу продукцию. Мы с воодушевлением хотим узнать, какие усовершенствования можно внести в нашу продукцию ScanSnap, а также о том, как наши товары помогли увеличить производительность заказчиков или придали новый импульс их жизни. Ежемесячно мы будем отбирать один письменный отзыв, и победивший участник получит 100€ а наиболее интересные отзывы будут опубликованы на наших Web-сайтах. Для получения более подробной информации об акции нажмите на ссылку ниже.

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D Streat, Reading area, UK – Perfect scanning solution. Good robust scanners, compared to some of the flimsy models on the market. Easy and fast to digitise nearly anything you may wish to scan and keep a soft copy of. Makes life easier to deal with as can easily scan paperwork, file and then shred all the boring paperwork that can easily take over any office or home. Generally makes life much tidier.

Maciej Burda, EXATEL S.A., Poland – One day I had a lot of work to do and on my desk I found a stack of invoices numbering over two hundred. Fortunately I have recently bought a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 and the scanner has done its job perfectly. Its small size did not take lot of space on your desk and its software really impacted during OCR. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a scanner with small dimensions and high functionality.

Mike Dobbins, teacher – I teach in Spain and often commute back to the UK. Moving books and work between countries is not practical so I scan what I need and transfer it via Dropbox. Easy.

This scanner has made my work and life a great deal easier. Thanks.

Munur Demirci, government inspector, Turkey – Since 1999, I have been collecting documents, which I cut in such primitive ways from thousands of magazines. Thanks to Fujitsu ScanSnap, I was able to store them in digital format. It saved me a lot of space which were previously filled with stacks of paper, and also from my wife’s gaze which was previously filled with anger. Thanks Fujitsu!

Sajoscha Ruiz, Director, Belgium – I Bought a Scansnap to archive all my paper… But I didn’t knew it can do so much more..
If i get my mail, i process it immediately thru my scanner. who automaticly sorts my bills and sends it to an application that I’ve set up to easily keep track off my monthly expenses.
No more mess indeed on my desk. Love IT!

Shirley Batten-Smith, Planet Wills, Hertfordshire – Scansnap helps my small business behave like a BIG business - great little product that works like an extra pair of hands in the office taking all my paperwork and filing it away neat and tidy so I can always find it without moving from my chair and having to rummage through paperwork.

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