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Smithills Comprehensive School Case Study

Fujitsu and Smithills Comprehensive School

Driving educational excellence

Photo of some children
The challenge
In need of more data space – It became apparent that the existing IT server and data storage systems at Smithills would soon reach their limits. Changing times for education – The reduction in the amount of paper used in favour of online applications caused an information overload that the existing servers weren't capable of supporting.

The solution
More performance, better administration and higher availability of the SAP applications in use – these are benefits that Citizen Watch's European headquarters, which is located in Hamburg, is enjoying very much. Smithills School, a successful comprehensive secondary school, had seen a huge increase in server storage capacity in recent years with the emergence of online applications. To avert a storage crisis, Smithills tasked Fujitsu with upgrading its storage capabilities and increasing efficiency. To enhance storage and improve speed, Fujitsu installed the latest 4 Gbit/s fibre channel and FibreCAT SX80 enterprise class storage system.