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  7. Fujitsu Innovates PalmSecure Multi-factor Authentication Device for the Hyperconnected World

Fujitsu Innovates PalmSecure Multi-factor Authentication Device for the Hyperconnected World

Fujitsu EMEIA

Fujitsu Forum / Munich, November 18, 2014

News facts:
  • Introduction of FUJITSU PalmSecure ID Match authentication technology which combines multi-factor authentication of card & pin with the individual’s unique palm-vein scan to maximize security
  • Organizations can easily develop their own specific applications, integrated within the device
  • FUJITSU PalmSecure truedentity is a newly developed software solution for use with any PalmSecure sensor to assure maximum security for user authenticationand identity management as well as to protect data transfer channels and the data conveyed on them
Fujitsu today introduces the latest in a long line of human centric innovations based on the company’s ground-breaking biometric authentication technology that uses the unique pattern of veins in the human hand to verify identity. This new FUJITSU PalmSecure ID Match device protects access, data and payment and will be globally available - launched first of all in the EMEIA region - from early 2015, Meeting the latest European Union directives ID Match addresses security-sensitive scenarios across a wide range of sectors including finance, retail and social security as well as other public sectors.
In today’s hyperconnected world, human centric ICT gives organizations an unprecedented opportunity to co-create the services that their customers and other stakeholders demand – but only where privacy is protected and data is secure. With PalmSecure, Fujitsu is the perfect innovation partner to complement its clients’ business knowledge with Fujitsu’s authentication technology expertise and solution support, for example to customize the highly adaptable ID Match device – similar to a Point of Sale unit – to deliver a highly secure yet easy-to-use identity authentication solution.
Consumers, citizens and shoppers are becoming more open to new ways of engaging with an increasingly digital ecosystem of financial services providers, public sector agencies, and retailers. Models of ‘distributed business’ are also emerging where traditional organizational boundaries are less important and collaboration across geographical and organizational borders has become easier. However, in this brave new world security becomes even more important – enabling close collaboration and service innovation wherever possible, while maintaining tight control over access, data and payment.
FUJITSU PalmSecure ID Match maximizes physical security by allowing multi-factor identity verification, combining palm-vein technology and SmartCard with pin code option, for ‘real and true’ authentication to a very high level. It comprises a PalmSecure sensor, a touchscreen and processor board with latest ARM technology, plus a multi-card reader. Based on the associated Software Development Kit (SDK), Fujitsu partners and clients can easily integrate this solution within their enterprise-to-enterprise applications, such as access control (physical or logical), time attendance, or replacement of passwords within critical applications.
One of the ID Match applications to be delivered by Fujitsu during 2015 will be FUJITSU PalmSecure truedentity. This client/server-license-based security software will leverage the PalmSecure palm-vein technology realizing maximum security for user authentication, identity management and secured data transfer channels. truedentity leverages the same technology currently used in Germany’s electronic identity card project which was developed to meet strict data protection regulations. It protects sensitive corporate data against unauthorized access at the highest technical level. The protocols and mechanisms used provide robust protection against known attack scenarios and meet international standards.

Supporting Quote

Thomas Bengs, Head of Security Solutions, Fujitsu
“True to its Human Centric Innovation approach, FUJITSU PalmSecure is one of the best examples of how Fujitsu is co-creating value with its customers by bringing together the dimensions of people, information and infrastructure. FUJITSU PalmSecure ID Match delivers reliable and easy-to-use multi-factor verification for a wide range of applications, enabling organizations of all sizes to protect access, data and payment, while FUJITSU PalmSecure truedentity software extends this protection to secure data transfer as well as the data itself.”

Pricing and availability

The FUJITSU PalmSecure ID Match device and related SDK will be globally available, starting in the EMEIA region from February 2015 and FUJITSU PalmSecure truedentity will be globally available early 2015. Both can be purchased separately, direct from Fujitsu.

Notes to editors

Extract from the Fujitsu Technology and Services Vision

Security and Business Continuity in a Human Centric Intelligent Society

- Enhanced authentification platforms, privacy protection and security intelligence
In a Human Centric Intelligent Society, the reliability of information is a key priority. In addition to ensuring the accuracy of information, it is essential to have a mechanism in place to maintain continuous business operations and access to information. Considering the increasing incidence of cyber-attacks, it is realistic to assume security breaches will continue to be a threat.
As the Human Centric Innovation partner, Fujitsu helps its customers to meet their security and business continuity needs. The company proposes a security strategy that will suit their unique operational needs and recommends solutions to support them. Fujitsu helps organizations to realize a safe and secure ICT environment to ensure continuous business operation and the protection of third-party data. That’s why Fujitsu is focusing its resources on three measures: enhanced authentication platforms, privacy protection and security intelligence.

Fujitsu provides robust authentication platforms, by combining best-in-breed technologies. For example, the company offers world-leading biometric technologies, such as palm-vein authentication, and near field communication (NFC) technology. Fujitsu also provides a centralized management of device assets, application and support services for loss and theft. These services work with all smart devices regardless of model or network carrier, and will also suit a BYOD policy for those organizations that have them in place.

Fujitsu is developing a variety of technologies to enable privacy protection. These include technologies that make personal information anonymous, enabling the processing of data while it is still encrypted. The company has developed its ‘Cloud Information Gateway Technology’ to enable enterprise customers to use external services without transferring the actual data to them. This is achieved by concealing confidential information at the gateway and storing only anonymized data in the cloud. Fujitsu expects these new technologies will promote the use of cloud as a collaboration platform and lead to information sharing between different organizations across industries.

Security Intelligence is the practice of analyzing information flows to foresee any potential threats. Fujitsu is focusing on providing its customers with prediction-based Security Intelligence in order to respond to the threat of cyber attacks.

When it comes to security, one size does not fit all. Fujitsu’s security experts develop security policies, measures and solutions that best suit the unique operational environment of each of its customers and provide continuous support. Fujitsu leverages its expertise to help its customers strengthen security and business continuity.

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Date: 18 November, 2014
City: Fujitsu Forum / Munich