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PCBs & IC Substrates

Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies provides various solutions expanding from circuit design to mass production of products, enabling customers to realize high reliability, high performance and value-added designs. Our business fields are High Performance Computing, Networking, Semiconductor, Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Mobile and other Omnipresent systems and devices.

Solution Services


Solution Services

We support customers to develop their devices by providing various services including board simulations, PWB design and assembly (PWB prototype development, reliability testing and failure analysis).

Simulation & ConsultingSimulation & Consulting

We provide our customers with a variety of board simulations which ensure an optimized product development cycle. These simulations such as electrical and physical simulations help to shorten the design, development, and lead times, thus reducing development costs.

Board designBoard design

We propose design rules to satisfy electrical performance, optimal materials and stack-up designs based on the requirements and the concept of our customers. We consider the final board design therefore we can offer a short development and design period, which results in a lower overall cost.

PCBs assemblyPCBs assembly

We offer short delivery times across all stages of product development from prototype assembly to high-volume production of printed circuit boards. We also offer reliability evaluation and failure analysis which are necessary in product development.


We offer high-reliable and high-performance PCBs and IC substrates in a variety of fields such as ICT infrastructure, semiconductor products and systems, vehicle systems, and mobile products to support your manufacturing.


F-ALCS is an innovative technology that enables high speed signal transmission with high density wiring capacity. This technology enables your product to stay competitive through higher performance.

Multilayer PCBsMultilayer PCBs

We provide multilayer PCBs for high performance products such as ICT infrastructure components which require reliability for long periods of time.


Our state-of-the-art HDI PCB multi via technology ensures high reliability and high density of wiring capacity. This technology is suitable for automobile parts which require high reliability or parts for thinner and lighter products.

Hybrid PCBsHybrid PCBs

With our cutting edge, innovative technology, we offer you the best PCBs such as Hybrid and Aspect Free which are tailored to your needs and requirements.


High performance substrate, GigaModule Series enables high speed and high density substrates tailored to customer needs and requirements.

PWB production processesPWB production processes

Highly precise, ultrafine micromachining and drilling through holes in various meterials.

  • Ultrafine Drilling:
    Φ0.05mm [min] with spindle 370 krpm [max]
  • Highly precise Routering:
    outline, spot facing, slit processing, ....
    with ±0.02mm accuracy