Data center optimization and protection with innovative solutions and services

Data management and protection are critical issues. Challenges in this area include data growth, security, ransomware risks, rising costs, and heterogeneous point solutions. Data losses are also on the rise and even backups are now the target of attacks. The only way organizations can counteract all of this is to have the right data protection mix. Fujitsu helps you find that mix. We have a proven methodology, backed by an innovation-rich environment and broad partner ecosystem, to co-create with organizations and transform them into data-driven enterprises. We are driving our customers’ digital transformation through business-centric Fujitsu data center solutions and services, strengthened by Veritas’ industry-leading data protection and management capabilities. Building on our long-lasting partnership, our solutions and services enable you to unify data management across physical, virtual and cloud environments to accelerate digital transformation, extend data protection to the cloud and ensure the availability of business-critical applications.

Global strategic partnership between Fujitsu and Veritas


Reduces cost and complexity


Provides highest data resiliency


Improves reliability and access


Minimizes business risk in hybrid IT

Proven, modern, and integrated Veritas solutions for data-driven enterprises

Addressing the most important data protection and management issues

Organizations must manage data from more sources, protect against more threats, comply with more regulations, and manage ever-increasing optimization needs. The Veritas Enterprise Data Services offer proven, modern, and integrated technology to address these challenges in an increasingly fragmented, highly complex hybrid IT environment. The versatile and extensible portfolio brings together the key areas of data availability, protection, insights, and compliance.

Strategic joint solutions for digital transformation helping you excel in a data-driven world

Close your vulnerability gaps with an innovation rich ecosystem

With a strong focus on adding value to customer, Fujitsu and Veritas partnership delivers data protection solutions and data optimization services to ensure better data availability, simplify IT operations and minimize risk of data loss. Fujitsu and Veritas joint solutions for digital transformation help you excel in a data-driven world. Our comprehensive, joint solutions and services give organizations everything they need to modernize their Hybrid IT estate against the disruptions threatened by cyberattacks, like ransomware.   


Veritas InfoScale together with Fujitsu servers

Together, Veritas InfoScale and Fujitsu servers enable close to zero downtime architectures for critical applications. Enterprises can choose suitable systems in any form factor and for any type of workload. Fujitsu’s servers complement resilient application operation at the infrastructure level through their rock-solid design. Fujitsu servers and storage systems are also continuously certified as part of the longstanding cooperation between the two partners. Benefits include:

  • Superior performance and availability for business-critical workloads with optimized economics ensure continuous operation with almost no unplanned downtimes
  • Highest efficiency cuts costs and accelerates IT workloads to shorten time-to-business results
  • More agility in daily operations transforms IT into a business advantage much faster

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Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS CS provides data protection for your data-driven enterprise

Organizations are challenged to retain and deepen their data management expertise as they need to ensure data integrity and quality for more and more data. The tight integration of hardware and software that we offer with Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS CS and Veritas software delivers decisive added value in this respect: Growing volumes of data can be managed between storage tiers in a highly automated manner while completely stripping out complexity. Benefits include:

  • Lower TCO by up to 60% with ETERNUS CS and NetBackup
  • Accelerate recovery up to factor 60 with NetBackup media server installed on ETERNUS CS8000
  • Improve disaster recovery with optimized duplication and replication using ETERNUS CS and NetBackup OST technology
  • Minimize CAPEX and OPEX with consolidation of point solutions and central management
  • Unlock value of data and meet compliance regulations with automated, intelligent archiving using ETERNUS CS8000 and Enterprise Vault

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Fujitsu Integrated System PRIMEFLEX enables a jump start to your Hybrid IT

Becoming a data-driven enterprise is a task where complexity manifolds with growth, requiring a data-architectural foundation that will allow your organization to scale and adapt on the go. Fujitsu Integrated System PRIMEFLEX accelerates your journey to an integrated and balanced data architecture giving you a strategic lead for your business. The deep integration of Veritas software complements our infrastructure solutions, enabling us to offer customers powerful out-of-the-box data protection. An excellent example of this is our hyper-converged infrastructure PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN with Veritas NetBackup. Among other things, it provides increased resilience to ransomware, plus rapid VM backup and recovery, while preventing manual errors entirely. Benefits include:

  • Reduce cost and complexity with all-in-one simplicity, manageability and performance
  • Boost performance and resilience by up to 100x with NetBackup Accelerator
  • Optimize automation and operational efficiency with market-leading support for any workload across all platforms
  • Confidently manage business risks with secure, compliant and ransomware-immutable data protection

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Assessment and Consultative Services for your future IT environment

Due to exploding data growth, increasing hybrid cloud infrastructures, indiscriminate backups, growing data loss and breach risks, organizations need better visibility when it comes to their storage, backup and virtual infrastructures. Our Assessment and Consultative Services address this growing complexity in managing hybrid IT infrastructures by offering a comprehensively data analysis. The actionable insights enable customers to optimize storage and backup landscapes to streamline audit and compliance needs, diminish human error and to reduce CAPEX and OPEX while mitigating risk to business-critical data and applications. Benefits include:

  • Gain flexibility with end-to-end visibility across multi-vendor environments
  • Mitigate risk, predict failures, and meet compliance regulations with valuable reports
  • Reduce cost and complexity with a holistic view and analysis of your storage infrastructure
  • Optimize data center resources to improve utilization and performance of your data-driven enterprise

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Customer Stories

The life-insurance company WWK, Germany gets a tailor-made backup solution providing up to 25 times faster backup, by factor 60 reduced RTOs and better protection against ransomware.

The customer SVLFG, Germany got a multi-level backup solution providing high data security and defense against ransomware attacks

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