Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer

Takeshi Oosako


I handle security incidents occurring in customer ICT environments and analyze malware, and the like, as it is discovered. Also, based on these experiences and skills, I engage in work towards giving comprehensive support for implementing security.


  • Gave a talk on "Infrastructure for Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing" at the APCERT AGM & Conference 2014 (during secondment to JPCERT/CC)
  • Gave a talk on "Utilization of Dark Web Survey in Cybersecurity Measures" at the Information Security Workshop in Echigo Yuzawa 2018
  • Posted technical information on malware analysis on Fujitsu's public website
  • Currently active in the WG for Threat Intelligence Utilization at the Japan Cybercrime Control Center (JC3) as Chief Supervisor since 2017

Value Creation

  • Established A3L (A Cubed Lab), a team that contributes to business by using malware analysis,digital forensic, and other advanced security skills and that has helped response various security incidents
  • Receives orders for security support services (such as incident response and investigation, cyber threat intelligence, security analysis, and training support) from various customers and provides the services with advanced skills