Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer

Masaki Miura


Generative AI is rapidly developing and having a greater impact on society than conventional AI. Up till now, I have been working on image recognition technology for the social infrastructure field. I work together with many colleagues to develop systems such as a large-scale video surveillance system based on deep learning, and turn them into business. I am currently working on a project to utilize generative AI in new areas, and hope to contribute to the further evolution of technology for a safe and secure society.


Value Creation

Considerable track record of generating many business and practical applications for AI technology in the field of social infrastructure. Some representative examples:

  • Traffic flow detection systems that detect stopped or congested cars on roads.
  • Road/river video analysis software for traffic quantification and detection of abnormalities on roads and in rivers.
  • Car model detection systems/multi-AI video engine software that can identify car models from surveillance cameras.

Particularly regarding on-site video analysis, has skill and experience in implementing cutting-edge technologies such as research institute and internal/external AI technologies; is also the company's leading figure in applying AI technologies, such as formulation of AI development processes, lowering costs, generation of learning data through CG technologies, etc.