FUJITSU Software BS2000 OS DX V1.0

FUJITSU software BS2000 OS DX V1.0 is the BS2000 operating system package to support the BS2000 SE servers. In addition to the BS2000 V21.0 operating system, it contains a number of system-related software products in the latest version and offers the same range of components as the OSD/XC package. With its increased flexibility and the revised structure, it forms the basis for the BS2000 DX concept - the modernized, continuous provision of BS2000 software innovations.

The BS2000 OS DX V1.0 operating system package consists of the following function groups or components:

Functional UnitComponents
Operating SystemBS2000POSIX
Job ControlJVSDF
Print ManagementRSOSPOOL
Programming SystemsCRTEJENV
Storage ManagementHSMS