Fujitsu Software BS2000 POSIX

Supports porting of Unix system based software products into BS2000

Current Version: A47

POSIX (Portable Open System Interface for Unix) is the set of standardized interfaces available under Unix systems according to POSIX / XPG4.2.

POSIX in BS2000 enables the easy run of programs of the Unix world after porting them to BS2000 systems. This means that a large number of widely used Unix applications, especially in the field of Internet technologies, can be used on a BS2000 system.

Open, POSIX-based applications benefit from the business-critical computing properties of BS2000. These properties include high availability, great scalability, mass throughput of data and highly cost-effective operation in data centers.

POSIX also serves as the technical platform for implementing services that enable interoperability and connectivity between BS2000 and the open systems world; the entire BS2000 system can in fact be expanded into a full internet Server.