Fujitsu Software BS2000 SORT

An efficient sort and merge program for records, using defined criteria set by the user

Current version: V8.0

SORT is an efficient sort and merge program for sorting records for one or more input files via criteria defined by the user (SORT function) and a program for merging the records of several sorted input files into a single output file (MERGE function).

SORT provides the following main functions:

  • Flexible control language with simplified notation (abbreviations, free selection between positional and keyword parameters). 
  • Selection of the sort procedure in line with the resources used (work and help files). 
  • Main memory sorting without work file(s), if allocated memory is sufficient. 
  • Presorting using virtual merging. 
  • Maximum of 99 input files. 
  • Simple recoding of input data. 
  • Full, selective and address list sort. 
  • Exclusion or inclusion of records when sorting using logically linkable relations. 
  • Retention of the input sequence for records with the same sort terms. 
  • 12 user exits for label checking, processing of input/output records, etc. 
  • Processing of POSIX files.

SORT can also be called up as a subroutine.