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As a global pioneer in technology and business solutions, we navigate the swiftly changing market landscape by harnessing advanced technology to address both business and societal challenges. Our rich heritage is rooted in continuous innovation and expertise, with a relentless commitment to facilitating our customers' success. At the heart of our strategy lies a customer-focused approach, with our objective being a reliable partner for our clients.

To achieve this, we engage with you throughout every stage of your data-driven transformation journey. A key component of this engagement is our co-creation program, designed to leverage the power of collaboration to realize your unique digital transformation. Developed from decades of global experience, this program is guided by a strong sense of purpose, focus, and innovation.

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Unleash the power of your data

Unlocking the value in your business data involves leveraging advanced analytics and data-driven insights. By effectively managing and interpreting data, businesses can identify trends, improve decision-making, and drive innovation. This process includes data collection, analysis, and interpretation, all while ensuring data security and privacy. Utilizing tools like AI and machine learning can further enhance data analysis, providing predictive insights that can guide strategic planning. Unlocking your data's value can boost efficiency, elevate customer experiences, and give you a competitive edge in the market. Let Fujitsu be your guide on this transformative journey.

Building new possibilities by connecting people, technologies and ideas

Whatever your challenge is, we can help you solve it.

Data & AI

The use of data and artificial intelligence (AI) has become a reliable pattern of success for the restructuring of business models in the digital economy. Companies that pursue a data-driven approach are outperforming industry norms. Together with our unique partner network, our data scientists and IT experts, we help organizations to successfully utilize their data using advanced AI technologies. Explore about new business opportunities based on generative AI and how you can benefit from data science.


In data-driven businesses, real-time analysis and a secure environment are key. Fujitsu is the right partner regardless of your current stage: we can enable your transition to SAP S/4HANA, improve your SAP landscape and architecture for optimal performance, and support you with the right tools to help you analyze structured and unstructured data for informed business decisions. Discover how you can improve your SAP environment and become an Intelligent Enterprise.

Resilient Data Platforms

In an increasingly data-driven world with widely dispersed data, Fujitsu empowers organizations to leverage their data by reliably and efficiently delivering the right data environments coupled with the right service levels for each business scenario at an optimal cost per gigabyte.

No matter your focus, our comprehensive, best-in-class portfolio of IT and security solutions, including hardware, software, and services, can bolster your operations, with a keen focus on sustainability. Our dedicated in-house team is ready to test and deploy IT solutions, offering support from project start to successful completion. They're also on hand to manage and maintain your IT infrastructure. We further enhance our services by partnering with numerous strategic allies for additional expertise.

IT products & solutions

Support your business growth with robust, high-quality, sustainable data center technologies, solutions, and services, in strong collaboration with our wide partner ecosystem.

Product Sustainability

Digitization and sustainability are closely linked. Sustainability Transformation means to transform your organization using digital innovation to drive positive, lasting change for our environment, economies, and society. It’s about contributing to a more sustainable world while simultaneously ensuring business growth.

Partner Ecosystem

Fujitsu delivers an integrated set of services and solutions that enable customers around the world to innovate and achieve growth. To address each customer’s individual needs, Fujitsu combines deep technical expertise, significant global reach, and the rare ability to orchestrate best-in-class offerings from our comprehensive partner ecosystem.

Are you looking for a cloud concept, but don’t want to move all your workloads to the cloud?

You don’t have to. We can support you with finding the right cloud for the right workload and can also offer innovative consumption-based IT models to strengthen the agility of your on-premises IT platforms and reduce risk with flexible monthly payment.

Hybrid Cloud

No matter where you are on your hybrid cloud journey, Fujitsu can deliver a unified solution. We’re a world-class hybrid cloud partner, uniquely positioned to find you the right cloud for the right workload to ensure your business continuity, efficiency, adaptability, and sustainability. Our vision is a world without complexity and risk when building hybrid cloud infrastructures.

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IT “as-a-Service”

Consumption-based, as-a-service models offer companies cost efficiency, scalability, and access to the latest technology in a cloud-like manner. It reduces efforts, provide predictable expenses, and allow faster implementation. This model enables organizations to focus on their core business functions, enhancing overall productivity and operational efficiency.

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