Fujitsu Software BS2000 BS2IDE

Integrated Development Environment for BS2000 based on Eclipse™

Built on Eclipse Logo 300x112BS2IDE supports developers of BS2000 applications on typical tasks and integrates the benefits of modern development environments. By combining the most important tools of the software development process in one unified user interface, BS2IDE supports developers throughout the whole development cycle and raises the productivity in BS2000 software development and service.

The most important features are:

  • Sytnax aware editors (e.g. for Fujitsu Software BS2000 SDF-P)
  • Remote launching of compilers and binder on BS2000
  • Placement of problem markers directly in the corresponding lines of code
  • Source oriented, graphical remote debugging (based on Fujitsu Software BS2000 AID)
  • Fujitsu Software BS2000 openFT connection to BS2000 (Remote System Explorer)
  • Local or remote source storage
  • Support of open revision control systems (e.g. git)

BS2IDE supports the most common programming languages of BS2000:

  • Fujitsu Software BS2000 COBOL85 and Fujitsu Software BS2000 COBOL2000 (incl. ESQL)
  • Fujitsu Software BS2000 Assembler
  • Fujitsu Software BS2000 C/C++

BS2IDE is based on the open source Eclipse framework which offers a huge number of additional plug-ins. It is also possible to integrate BS2IDE in existing Eclipse based environments.

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