Concepts and Solutions

Monitoring and Automation

Fujitsu has many years of experience in the monitoring and automation of data centers. A comprehensive range of Fujitsu solutions is available for the BS2000 environment to ensure cost-effective administration, efficient resource utilization and uninterrupted operation.

Uniform management by the SE Manager ensures efficient and secure operation of all integrated components of an SE infrastructure. As a central instance for administration and monitoring, faults and events are recorded, displayed and – depending on the configuration – forwarded by the SE Manager.

Continuous performance monitoring is the basis for the effective and economical operation of IT systems. openSM2 enables comprehensive online monitoring with configurable alarm management, detailed bottleneck analyses and forecasts of future performance requirements. Further information and details about openSM2 are available here.


The central monitoring and administration of BS2000 systems and their applications is possible through integration in an SNMP-based management system. The operating system component NET-SNMP in conjunction with the product SNMP-AGENTS supports the connection of BS2000 systems and provides the prerequisites for the various BS2000-specific management tasks. For more information, see SNMP-AGENTS.

To support the customer-specific integration of SNMP in BS2000 in common monitoring systems, Fujitsu offers the "SNMP Integration Service" accompanying the product. Further information can be found in the Service Description.

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The SE/HA Monitoring Service from Fujitsu supports the implementation of a monitoring and managed automation system for BS2000 SE infrastructures for the targeted monitoring of selected hardware components, virtual machines and applications. A description of the SE/HA Monitoring Service is available here.

BS2000 offers a comprehensive and sophisticated range of software products and functions for the automation of essential operating processes. The focus is on automated, cross-system job processing and automated system operation and management.

A high degree of automation and thus secure processing in critical operating situations is also achieved through the integration of storage functionalities in BS2000 via SHC-OSD.
For more information see job scheduling, system control and SHC-OSD.

Fujitsu provides a comprehensive, innovative solution suite in "Data Center Management and Automation" (DCMA). Solutions such as the modeling of the digital twin of a data center, automated emergency management and self-driving data centers, which combine artificial intelligence with automation, optimize the efficiency, flexibility and reliability of entire data center operations.

The offer includes advice, products, solutions, services and maintenance as well as standardized software and solution packages with various delivery models. For more information, see DCMA.


With Automic®Automation software and services, Fujitsu offers efficient data center automation. Automic enables job scheduling across operating systems and applications and offers interfaces to operating systems such as Windows, Linux, BS2000, z / OS or OS400 as well as to other important data center applications.

Enterprise-wide business processes can be efficiently automated with Automic®Automation in any complexity. Job networks are designed, administered and monitored in the web-based interface. Automated error handling ensures quick reactions and relieves the burden stemming from manual tasks.