Fujitsu Software BS2000 EDT

User-friendly BS2000 file editor for SAM and ISAM files, text-type library elements and POSIX files.

EDT is the user-friendly BS2000 file editor for creating and editing standard BS2000 SAM and ISAM files, as well as text-type library elements and POSIX files.

It provides powerful yet easy-to-learn statements for performing frequently recurring operations (e.g. deleting, updating, inserting or copying records or characters, searching for records containing specific character strings, outputting records, etc.).


  • EDT is the foremost BS2000 editor.
  • It is a user-friendly full-screen editor for interactive applications and a powerful file editor for processing bulk data in batch mode. It thus fulfils practically all the requirements made of a modern file editor.
  • EDT supports the PLAM access method. PLAM (Program Library Access Method) enables EDT to process library elements. Moreover, users who do not wish to utilize the full functionality of LMS can also process their programs in PLAM libraries.
  • Support of UNICODE: This includes amongst others the possibility to handle differentially coded files in miscellaneous working files of EDT at the same time as well as the abolition of the limitation of record length (up to now 256 character).