BS2000 Managed Services

The BS2000 Service Portfolio for the operational management of BS2000 infrastructures, offers you entirely new options for shaping your IT operations.

BS2000 Managed Services, delivered on a project basis, give you a flexible approach to reducing overall IT costs. At the same time, you can relieve personnel bottlenecks and boost reaction times in line with changing business requirements.

BS2000 Managed Data Center
The modular service concept for running your BS2000 infrastructure boosts your agility and ensures that your infrastructure operates with the security and availability demanded by your business processes. The service offering covers all operative processes of relevance to BS2000. Starting with a basic package, you can entrust us with delegated responsibilities in other areas as needed.
BS2000 Managed Infrastructure Services
When it comes to tasks extending beyond daily operations, we can provide you with assistance for initial system start-up, upgrades, migrations and the temporary provisioning of a BS2000 system. In addition, the BS2000 System Health Check proactively contributes to smooth and secure system operation.
BS2000 Cloud Service
With the BS2000 Educational Cloud, we provide individual virtual BS2000 training systems as well as entire virtual classrooms for educational purposes.
Without having to invest in their own infrastructures, customers can receive BS2000 services directly from Fujitsu data centers – short-notice delivery is possible and helps keep operations in balance at any time. Starting with a basic service, you can book optional packages as needed.



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