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FUJITSU Scientific & Technical Journal (FSTJ) is published quarterly by FUJITSU LIMITED to introduce the FUJITSU Group's research and development activities, products, and solution services.

Next Issue: (2014-4) Smart City & Energy

FSTJ 2014-1 Cover Image

Special Issue: Cutting-Edge R&D

2014-1 (Vol.50. No.1)

The mission of the Fujitsu Laboratories Group is to support the growth of the Fujitsu Group, by developing advanced technologies and driving innovation to enable the realization of a Human-Centric Intelligent Society envisioned by Fujitsu, as outlined in the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision. With the aim of researching and developing technologies useful for people, and by contributing to business expansion, Fujitsu Laboratories conducts diverse R&D in a multitude of relevant fields, from solutions and services, to system/network/ubiquitous products, devices, and materials. This special issue highlights some of the leading-edge R&D we are undertaking, from a perspective of how such technologies can benefit and provide value to Fujitsu's customers.

Tatsuo Tomita Photo

PDF Preface

Tatsuo Tomita

President of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

The world in which we live and environments around us are rapidly changing in diverse ways, giving rise to unprecedented new and challenging issues, many of which are complexly intertwined on a global scale. Conventional approaches of dealing with specific issues individually can no longer provide viable solutions—we are in an era in which closely inter-related problems must be treated systematically with a comprehensive approach and sense of urgency. Information and communication technology (ICT) is taking on an increasingly prominent role to help resolve such issues. In Fujitsu's vision of a Human-Centric Intelligent Society, the evolution of ICT and innovation enabled by people maximizing their full potential, and information that creates new value, will drive the sustainable growth of a prosperous and personally enriching society in which people can lead safe, secure and fulfilling lives: a world in which knowledge is continually harnessed to drive new value and support sustainable growth.

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