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FUJITSU Scientific & Technical Journal (FSTJ) is published quarterly by FUJITSU LIMITED to introduce the FUJITSU Group's research and development activities, products, and solution services.

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FSTJ 2014-10 Cover Image

Special Issue: The Environment

2014-10 (Vol.50, No.4)

This special issue describes how the Fujitsu Group approaches environmental management and introduces its environmental strategies. It presents products and solutions for achieving a sustainable society, research and development activities in support of green innovation, efforts at preventing global warming as in the development of environmentally conscious data centers, and strategies to preserve biodiversity through the use of ICT.

Minoru Takeno Photo

PDF Preface

Minoru Takeno

Head of Corporate Environmental Strategy Unit

As an important foundation of all business activities, the Fujitsu Group ranks "consideration for the environment." It aims to work with its customers and society in regions throughout the world to solve diverse environmental problems by, for example, helping to achieve a low-carbon society and promoting resource reuse. This will be accomplished by expanding the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in various fields including smart cities, energy supply, water provision, transport, medical care, and the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industry. In this way, Fujitsu seeks to incorporate social innovation—in which the environment is one element—into future business strategies and to promote environmental activities as an integral part of its business operations.

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